How to Make a Private Story on Snapchat? (Complete 2023 Guide)

Are you tired of sending snaps to everyone on your Snapchat contact list? Do you want to share some juicy gossip or embarrassing moments with only a select few friends? Look no further, because we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to make a private story on Snapchat! In this complete guide, we’ll walk you through the steps and give you insider tips for creating a secret haven for your most exclusive content , snapchat private story and how to make a private story on snapchat. So let’s get started and learn how to keep it all in the family, so to speak!”

How to make a private story on snapchat?

When you make a story on Snapchat, it is automatically public. However, you can easily change your story settings to make it private. If you want to make a Snapchat private story, here’s what you need to do:

  • First, you’ll need to create a new story. To do this, open the snapchat app and tap on the “+” icon in the top right corner.
  • Then, select “Create Story.”
  • Next, give your story a name and tap on the “Privacy” option. Here, you can choose whether you want your story to be public or private.
  • If you select “Private,” only people who you’ve added as friends will be able to see it.
  • Once you’ve created your private story, it’s time to add some snaps! To do this, simply take a photo or video as normal and then tap on the “Add to Story” icon.
  • Your snap will now be visible to anyone who has access to your story.
  • And that’s all there is to it!

Creating a private story on snapchat is easy and only takes a few seconds. So next time you want to share something with just your friends, be sure to make it a private story.

Now only your Snapchat friends will be able to see your stories. If you want to take things a step further, you can also limit who can reply to your stories. To do this:

1. Go back to the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen and tap “Settings.”

2. Scroll down and tap “Privacy.”

3. Tap “Story Settings.”

4 Switch the “Allow Replies” setting to “Friends.”

How do snapchat private stories work?

When you add friends to a private story on Snapchat, they’re the only ones who can view that story. That way, you can feel comfortable sharing more personal snaps with your close friends without worrying about them being seen by anyone else. 

Private stories will be available for 24 hours, and are visible only to those who have been explicitly added—no one else can see them!

Can you see a private Snapchat story?

Yes, you can see a private Snapchat story. All you need is the person’s username and password. Once you have that, you can log into their account and view their stories. And if you do not know their login credentials, there is another way, and it is to use Private snapchat story viewrs.

You can also view snapchat stories online without the snap owner knowing, and in the guide : “Best Snapchat Story Viewers” is all about this.


  • Will other people know I made a private story on Snapchat?

Snapchat Private story is just that: private. Only the people you invite can view them. So, if you’re worried about others knowing you made a private story, don’t be! Your secret is safe with us.

  • Can I add more people to my existing Private Story?

Yes, you can add more people to your existing Private Story on Snapchat. To do so, simply tap on the “Add Friends” icon in thePrivate Story screen and select the friends you want to add. You can also add friends by tapping on their name in the “My Friends” list and selecting the “Add to Private Story” option.

  • How to delete a private story on snapchat?

If you want to delete a private story on Snapchat, you first need to go to the main screen of the app. From there, you will see your list of stories on the left-hand side. Find the one that you want to delete and then press and hold on it. A menu will pop up asking if you want to delete the story. Confirm this by selecting “Delete Story.”

What is Mail Recovery Center? (Get a mail back from mail recovery center)

If you are a citizen of the United States and a fan of sending mail, whether official or friendly, you might face a dead letter or an undeliverable one because of the wrong or missing address. So, it would be helpful to learn more about the mail recovery center and how you can get mail back from there. And here, I invite you to read this text until the end and learn more about all the details of the USPS mail recovery center.

What is the USPS Mail Recovery Center?

Before I want to explain the mail recovery steps for U.S citizens, it might be helpful to introduce the USPS mail recovery center. This center is the postal service® ’s official “lost and found” department located in Atlanta in the U.S. It was previously known as the Dead Letter Office and is responsible for the “lost and found” section and those letters that are undeliverable or non-returnable will be finally sent there.

Why Does Mail Get Sent To The Mail Recovery Center?

As I have mentioned in the above text, the mail recovery center is a place of undeliverable mail. And that will happen as a result of different occasions, like when you write an incorrect or invalid address on your parcel, or the shipping label is damaged in a way that is not recognizable. Then if we assume it wasn’t wrongly delivered to another location or could not be brought back to the sender, the final home it can be sent is the USPS mail recovery center.

How Can I Get Mail Back From The Mail Recovery Center?

If your sent package is worth more than 25$, you have the chance of recovering it from the USPS mail recovery center. First, contact the local Post Office and ask to submit a USPS Mail Recovery Center Search Request. If you did these steps sooner than 60 days passed from the original mailed date, the USPS® begins the investigative process and tries to find your package.


Can I Prevent Mail From Going To The Mail Recovery Center?

While the recovery process of dead or lost mail from the USPS mail recovery center is hard and tedious, there is no way that guarantees your package won’t go undelivered or become lost. But below are two points that might help you decrease the possibility that your mail goes to the mail recovery center:

  • Address Validation: 

You can use different systems, like SmartSoft DQ, and provide an address that is parsed, researched, confirmed, and standardized based on the USPS® certified data.

  • Additional info:

Also, it might be useful to add additional forms of address verification within the package you want to send, such as packing slips, Bills of Lading, or invoices and receipts.

Everybody knows that voicemail is a digitally recorded message used when you dialed someone, but he was not there.And the most interesting point about this new technology is that nowadays you can leave a voicemail without calling anyone. If you are wondering how, keep reading and learn more about how to leave a voicemail without calling.

How Long Will The Mail Recovery Center Hold Mail?

When your sent package is lost and gets to the mail recovery center and is worth more than $25 or $20, there will be two situations. The first case is about barcoded ones that will be held there for 60 days. And on the second occasion, if your package doesn’t have a barcode, they will only keep it for 30 days. And finally, if you can not recover it during this time, it will be auctioned off, donated, or destroyed.


Is lost mail ever recovered?

Yes, if you did all the steps in time and you were lucky, there is a chance to recover your lost mail.

What Does The Mail Recovery Center Do If They Cannot Identify A Recipient?

Usually, they will be donated, recycled, discarded, or auctioned off. 

What If A Package is Mistakenly sent to the Mail Recovery Center?

In this case, the sender should call the Consumer Affairs representative via 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or visit the local USPS Post Office and request a search submition as soon as possible.

Is The Mail Recovery Center The Same As The Dead Mail Center?

Yes, Dead Mail Center was the former name of this facility.


In the above text, you read all the details about lost or dead mail and how to recover them from the USPS mail recovery center before they donate or recycle it. Also, there we talked about the Address validation process and how you can add extra info to your package and prevent this hard mail recovery process. But if you still have any questions, it is better to contact their support team through USPS official site.

Why is Jarvee closed? (+ Jarvee Alternatives)

If you are a fan of social media, you should know that there are many self-service tools, like Jarvee that will help you grow your followers’ number without much work. Their main job is to act like a human and do what you are expected to do, such as creating posts, following users, and liking their posts. But as you might have heard, Jarvee has been closed, so we want to talk about its reasons and introduce some of the best alternatives you can use instead of this app.

What was Jarvee?

Before anything let’s find out what Jarvee is, which is not hard to explain. This is, or it’s better to say that it used to be a popular social media bot, especially used by Instagram users to automate almost all actions on such a platform and decrease the total social media team’s supervision work. Also, this secure bot supports other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Why is Jarvee closed?

Unfortunately, if you nowadays try to buy or download the Jarvee tool, you will see that it is impossible, and the website shows that the service is permanently closed. But why? While that is not clarified anywhere, the possible guesses are that the Jarvee tool has become complex for newbies, so the creators prefer to focus on working with existing customers. Or it might be due to Jarvee owners’ legal trouble with one of the platforms. 

What did Jarvee do?

No matter why Jarvee is now closed, if you find its main features, you can find a great alternative based on what you need. So, while you know this platform was mainly focused on social media automation, let’s go deeper and find out more about the details of what this bot does.

  • Posts Scheduling:

One of the main things this tool has done for its users is to find the best time when your posts have a higher chance of being seen and schedule to publish them at the best time.

  • Deleting posts:

Also, this tool helps you to boost your profile by only keeping high-rated posts and deleting those with fewer engagements.

  • Auto Re-Posting:

It is helpful to find your popular posts and automatically repost them, which is automatically done by Jarvee to create a community of followers with similar content interests.

  • Auto-Follow, like, and comments:

An active user is a favorite of all social media apps. While being active seems hard at first glance, some tools like Jarvee make it easy for you with features like auto-follow, like, and comment.

  • Message Management

To increase the chance of keeping those who follow you, Jarvee offers another feature to send auto-replies or even welcome messages to new followers. 

  • Hashtag Research

It is important to use related hashtags to be more accessible to your target audience. And that is another item Jarvee would be helpful for you, as it finds the most trend hashtags based on your target niche.

6 Jarvee alternatives

And finally, I want to introduce a list of the top six Jarvee alternatives you can use now that this tool is permanently closed. So, do not miss this paragraph.

  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub:

As the first Jrvee alternative, I want to introduce HubSpot Marketing Hub, specially designed for modern marketers. This powerful and still easy-to-use CRM platform helps you in different ways, like attracting the right audience, converting more visitors into customers, or even running high-rated marketing campaigns. Among its great features, I can mention to:

  • Reasonable price plans with 20% off for the first year, and 10% off in perpetuity
  • Wide languages are supported, such as German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Official HubSpot Marketing Hub Community
  1. Constant Contact:

Also, you can use Constant Contact as the second Jarvee alternative to reach your different social media goals, such as finding more customers, selling products, or successfully sharing your passion with more people. If you want to know more about this tool’s features, I would say that:

  • It has three payment plans starting from 9.99$ a month.
  • Supports different languages, such as Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
  • Super easy to use and very intuitive
  • Great customer services
  1. Hootsuite:

Are you looking for a great tool to experience 5-star social commerce experiences? If so, my suggestion is Hootsuite social media management services. No matter, you are an Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook user, this tool helps you confidently schedule posts and gain more engagement with stunning features, such as:

  • Supporting a wide range of languages, such as Arabic, Catalan, German, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • Affordable payment plans in four types
  •  Secure environment across all devices 
  • Free trial
  1. Zoho Social:

Zoho Social is a single dashboard that you can use to easily schedule your social media posts, manage networks, track conversations, and measure how well your performance is. People choose to use this tool as an effective way to solve their business problems because it offers:

  • Free trials
  • Different languages
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy-to-use interface
  1. Sprout Social:

The next option you can use a powerful Jarvee alternative is 

Sprout Social, a famous all-in-one social management solution, helps you in different fields like connecting with audiences, simplifying publishing workflows, cooperating in real-time, and changing your social data into meaningful insights. Among the most important features of this Instagram bot, I can mention:

  • Different supported languages, such as English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Four affordable payment plans from free trial to advanced
  • High scalability
  1. Semrush:

And the last option is Semrush, a popular online visibility management service platform. It offers more than 55 products, such as tools for search, content, social media, and market research, and helps companies who want to reach the most successful online presence. This Jarvee alternative is mainly famous for its great features, such as:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Custom Reports
  • Different languages that support, such as German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified)
  • Free trial and three attractive payment plans


In the above text, you read about Jarvee, why it was closed, and what it does for its users that makes it popular. Also, I have introduced some of the best alternatives that are active now, and you can use them instead of Jarvee, such as Semrush, Sprout Social, Zoho Social, Hootsuite, Constant Contact, and HubSpot Marketing Hub. If you have experience working with any of these tools, we will be happy to know what you think about them in the comments.

All About Carrier Hub (What is it and its permissions)

If you are an Android user, you might have heard the name of the carrier hub app, and if not, be sure you will suddenly one day hear this name, and it might cause you to wonder what is carrier hub. The first point I want to mention here is that you are not the only person asking this question, and if you search it on the internet, you will find that it is an Android app with the Sprint/T-Mobile carrier network. But I know that is not enough for you, so do not waste time, keep reading and learn more about carrier hub details, such as carrier hub processing requests or why my carrier hub keeps crashing.

What is carrier hub on my phone?

Previously, I stated that the carrier hub app is a pre-installed Android application, but now I want to talk about the details of what is carrier hub. So, read the below items and find all you need to know.

  • Based on Google Play descriptions about this app, the first point I want to add is that it tracks usage data on your phone for customer-reported service concerns. 
  • Also, you should know that Google Play offers two Carrier Hub Applications; Carrier Hub by Sprint and Carrier Hub Magenta by T-Mobile USA. Both these versions offer the same features, such as making calls through a Wi-Fi network using your actual phone number. 
  • Pay attention, sometimes you have this app as a pre-installed one on your phone, while others might get regular notifications on their device to install it. 

What is the carrier hub app used for?

As you read above, the carrier hub app is a revolution that helps you have all your wireless carrier accounts in the same place and easily manage them. So, if you are a person looking for the best way to use multiple carriers, be sure that this app offers the best value and experience. Mainly, the carrier hub enables all independent mobile service professionals to simply manage their clients, make payments, and get support from their carriers. 

What are the permissions used by carrier hub?

In this paragraph, before talking bout the reasons cause carrier hub keeps crashing, I want to list all the permissions used by the carrier hub app that help this app presents its performance completely and successfully, such as:

  • Cellular data settings
  • Device & app history
  • Phone
  • Photos/Media/Files 
  • Location
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Storage
  • Device ID & call information

What are the possible issues caused by carrier hub?

Like all other apps, it is common that after installing Carrier Hub and using this app, you face that carrier hub keeps crashing or this app causes disturbances in your mobile phone operation. And to clarify it for you, below I have listed some of these common issues, such as:

  • High data consumption has always been the first and main issue reported by carrier hub users.
  • And in most cases, the previous item causes the battery Drainage issue, too.
  • The next reported problem is that many users are bothered by call drops and poor voice quality issues using this app.
  • Also, a group of users complains that they face problems in sending or receiving messages after installing the carrier hub app.
  • And finally, all of them cause carrier Hub users to be upset about their phone performance drop after installing it.

Why are you getting the carrier hub processing requests notification?

Now that you know all the details about what is carrier hub, let’s answer some of the commonly asked questions by carrier hub app users, such as why I get the carrier hub processing requests notification. 

In total, two separate situations cause you to see this error:

  1. First, when you restart your device and the app wants to connect to a mobile network tower. 
  2. And the second case will happen when the towers are not getting connected in real. And this reason will usually happen to do to a case, like:
  • Network down or an under-maintenance tower
  • Hub is unable to pair a connection with a network
  • Low network coverage
  • App-related bugs

Fix Carrier Hub Processing Requests Constant Notification

As you read above, carrier hub processing requests might happen due to various reasons, and you can not do anything about some of them. But if the problem is from your side, you can check the below list of solutions and try them to see if they help you solve your problem.

  • Clear Carrier Hub app caches:

I believe this is a simple way that can also be helpful in many cases, like when you face the “carrier hub processing requests” notification. So, as the first option, you can follow the below steps, clear the app caches and see if it solves your issue.

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings.
  2. Tap on the Apps options.
  3. Find the Carrier Hub app from the list and choose it.
  4. Click on the Storage and Cache button.
  5. Simply, click on the Clear Cache option and remove all cache records.
  6. Then, select Clear Storage and tap on Ok.
  7. Again go to the main menu of the App page and choose Force Stop.
  8. Finally, restart your phone and see if it solves your problem.
  • Update the Carrier Hub app:

For the best performance of all phone apps, you should regularly check if they need to be updated or not. And Carrier Hub is not an exception, so the next time you face a “carrier hub processing requests” notification, it might be a good idea to follow the below steps and update your app.

  1. Search for the Google Play Store.
  2. Choose your profile from the top-right corner.
  3. Click on the Manage apps and device option and select Updates.
  4. Check the pop-up list and see if the Carrier Hub app is on this list.
  5. If you find it on the list, you should tap on the Update button.
  • Disable the Carrier Hub notifications:

If none of the above-mentioned ways work, disabling the notification option for Carrier Hub could be a temporary useful solution, which you can do through the following steps:

  1. Go to your phone Settings and Notifications.
  2. Find Carrier Hub and turn off its notification toggle.
  • Uninstall the Carrier Hub App:

And finally, if the Carrier Hub app is of no use to you, you can uninstall it using the ADB method or using a system app remover.

  1. How to use the ADB method to uninstall the Carrier Hub App:
  • Choose the Settings app from your phone, go to Systems, and find About phone.
  • Tap the build number seven times to activate the developer option.
  • Then choose the developer option from your main Settings menu.
  • Now, you should turn the USB debugging on and download ADB on your PC.
  • When you find a zip file on your system, you should extract it into a folder and open it.
  • Press the shift key and hold it, then right-click on the blank area, and choose the Open Powershell window.
  • Enter the ADB device command and connect your phone to your PC with a cable.
  • Follow the commands and remove the app.
  1. How to use a system app remover to uninstall the Carrier Hub App:
  • First, root your device if it is not.
  • Download any system app remover you want and launch it.
  • Find Carrier Hub and tap on the box next to it
  • Choose the Uninstall button and remove the app completely.

How to fix carrier hub keeps crashing?

Now you might ask what will happen if I want to use this app and suddenly face that carrier hub keeps crashing. While I have talked about all details of this app and how to solve its problems, again I have listed all you can do to bypass these kinds of crashes, such as:

1. Force Stop the Carrier Hub app

2. Update the app

3. Clear its Cache records

5. Uninstall the app Updates

6. Reset Carrier Hub preferences

7. Reinstall it

How to disable carrier hub?

Finally, I have a piece of advice for those who want to disable this app from their Android phone. Simply follow the below points and reach your goal.

  • Go to your Mobile Settings.
  • Choose the Apps option.
  • Tap on the three dots icon on the top right side of your screen.
  • Choose Show System Apps.
  • Find the Carrier Hub App and tap on the Disable button.


In the above text, you read about all details of what is carrier hub, how it works, and how to solve facing “carrier hub processing requests” notifications by reinstalling the app, updating it, clearing caches, and so on. Also, I have listed all the solutions you can use when your carrier hub keeps crashing and how to disable or even remove it from your phone. But if you still have any questions you can not find the answer to above, please comment below, and be sure we try to find the best answer for you.

+10 Best Space Documentaries to Watch 2023

If you are a fan of documentary films, you should know that space documentaries are one of the most popular types in this category. And each year, new movies or miniseries are made based on true stories and discoveries in space by great companies, like space documentaries on Netflix. This time, we want to go through the best space documentaries you should absolutely watch in 2023.

Where can I watch space documentaries?

Before I introduce the three best space documentaries you should not miss in 2023, I have to state that nowadays, many great film companies, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ make and publish educational and entertaining space documentaries. And you can easily find and watch them online for example, through YouTube.

Best 3 new space documentaries

It doesn’t matter which space topic you are interested in, from black holes, mars missions, moon landings, and planetary orbits to the search for extraterrestrial life, you should not miss watching the below three best space documentaries.

  • Apollo 11:

Whether you are a beginner or an addict of space documentation, you should know that Apollo 11 is the best option, which has been released in 2019. In this award-winning space documentary, you will hear the story of footage of man’s journey into space straight from Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and other experts who did this mission. You can use Hulu or Amazon Prime Video to watch this film, including original recordings and photographs of the astronauts and the NASA team behind the Apollo mission.

  • Journey to the Edge of the Universe:

The second option on our list is Journey to the Edge of the Universe, an old film published in 2008, in which Alec Baldwin and Sean Pertwee narrate the classic Nat Geo documentary based on images taken from the Hubble telescope. No matter, you watch this film on DVD or Amazon Prime Video, you will enjoy its breathtaking glimpse that shows what is happening out there in the universe.

  • Black Holes: The Edge Of All We Know:

As the third and last option of this paragraph, I want to introduce a more recent film, published in 2020 and known as one of the best space documentaries on Netflix. Black holes and their mystery were always attractive from the past to now. In this movie, scientists try to explore the black hole paradox based on the narrative of two teams’ focused on studies about black holes.

3 best space documentaries on Netflix

In the previous paragraph, I talked about the best space documentaries from the past to now that nobody should miss and the new best space Videos from the Internet. But now I want to separate this best list into three categories based on where you prefer to watch your favorite space documentary. For example, this paragraph is about the three best space documentaries on Netflix.

  • The Mars Generation:

As its name implies, this interesting space documentary is about a group of 15 to 18-year-old space trainees at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama want to be the pioneers who boot-print on the Martian surface. Also, this film includes scenes in which Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye talk about the future of space exploration as experts and show high drama in the testing scenarios for the trainees.

  • The Last Man on the Moon:

The second option I recommend among the best Netflix space documentaries is The Last Man on the Moon, which focuses more on the emotional trauma of astronauts than on the merits of space exploration. Eugene Cernan plays the only role in this documentary movie and talks about how it feels being an absentee dad while writing the first letter of his daughter’s name on the moon’s surface next to his final footprints.

  • Cosmodrome:

The third and final option I want to introduce among the best space documentaries on Netflix is Cosmodrome. This documentary film, which is about the Russian side of the space race, shows that part of history when Russia developed its rocket technology to win against the United States.

3 Best space documentaries YouTube

If you are a fan of Youtube and mostly watch your favorite films from this popular channel, the good news is that there you can find many best space documentaries. And to help you more, the below list shows the three best of them.

  • TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time:

As the first option, I want to introduce TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time, as the best space documentary, which was published on YouTube on March 20, 2019, and has been viewed by 88,852,431 people so far. In this film, you will find the answer to how’s it all gonna end. The film shows a journey to the end of time and trillions of years into the future. It tries to discover and talk about how the fate of our planet and our universe will be.

  • Seeing The Universe Like We’ve Never Seen It Before:

The second Youtube space documentary that has more than 7M views is “Seeing The Universe Like We’ve Never Seen It Before”, which was made based on James Webb Space Telescope released images. This film introduces 5 scientists using a telescope during its first cycle of operations. Also, it explains space topics, like the earliest galaxies, red giant stars in the disc of Andromeda, star-forming regions in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies, the Trappist-1 exoplanet system, and mysterious icy bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune.

  • The Life Cycle Of Black Holes | Black Hole | Spark:

And the final option I want to introduce is The Life Cycle Of Black Holes | Black Hole. It was published on Aug 28, 2021, by Spark group and has been viewed by 4,971,074 people so far. In this film, you will hear the story of the black hole’s life cycle from its violent birth in the early universe, to the last moments.

3 Best space documentaries on Amazon Prime

At last, it is time to go through the list of three best space documentaries you can watch on Amazon Prime, which is as attractive as the previous groups.

  • Imax: Journey to Space (Blu-ray):

Definitely, the first option is Imax: Journey to Space (Blu-ray), this 45 min movie narrated in English by the famous television legend Sir Patrick Stewart. During this film, you will see details of the human Journey to Space and an overview of accomplishments in space, as well as ongoing and future activities and plans.

  • Spaceballs – 4K:

This fantastic movie is a masterpiece of John Hurt (Alien), Rudy De Luca (Transylvania 6-5000), and the voice of Dom DeLuise (The Cannonball Run) as Pizza Hut, all hilarious cast who tries to bring peace and merchandising rights to the entire galaxy asking help from a wise imp named Yogurt (Brooks). Pay attention, you can play this 4K UHD Disc only on 4K UHD Players.

  • Color Out of Space – 4K:

And finally, I want to introduce Color Out of Space – 4K as a fantastic film that was made based on a short story by H. P. Lovecraft. The drama begins with a meteorite landing in the front yard of a family who suddenly finds themselves battling a mutant alien that infects their minds and bodies.


Top rated space documentaries on IMDB

Sorted by IMDb rating descending, the list of the best space documentaries will be Cosmos: Possible Worlds, India’s Space Odyssey, and Wonders of the Universe 1.


In the above text, we talked about the best space documentaries from different companies, like the top three space documentaries on Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Prime, and also those top-rated space documentarie

Instagram Stories Repeating: Why and How to fix it 2023?

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed, only to find that the same person’s stories keep showing up again and again? It can be really annoying and make it hard to enjoy the content of other users. In this article, we’ll discuss Instagram stories repeating and why is Instagram repeating stories so that you can continue to enjoy a variety of content on your feed.

Why is Instagram Repeating Stories?

Instagram Stories are a great way to share your life with your friends and followers, but sometimes they can be a little too repetitive. If you find out Instagram stories repeating, there’s a chance that your account is being hacked or that someone is trying to spam you. Here are a few reasons why your Instagram Stories might be repeating, and how you can fix it.

1. You’re Following Too Many People: If you follow too many people, Instagram will start showing you the same stories from different accounts. To stop this from happening, unfollow a few people to reduce the number of stories your seeing.

2. Someone Has Hacked Your Account: If someone has hacked your account, they could be repeating certain Stories to try and get more followers or views on their own profile. To fix this, change your password immediately and make sure you have two-factor authentication enabled for extra security.

3. You Have Too Many Active Stories: If you have too many active Stories in your feed, Instagram might start repeating them as it doesn’t have enough space to show all of them at once. To fix this, delete or archive some of your older stories to make room for new ones.

How to fix Instagram stories repeating?

If you’re experiencing issues and you are struggling with why is instagram repeating stories there are a few potential causes and solutions. 

  • One common cause of this problem is that your phone’s cache may be full. To fix this, simply clear your cache by going to your phone’s Settings > App Manager > Instagram and tapping the “Clear Cache” button.
  • Another potential cause is that you may have too many apps running in the background, which can lead to RAM issues on your phone. To fix this, try closing some of the apps you’re not using and restarting your phone. So if someone you follow has posted a lot of stories about a topic that you’re interested in, and used instagram stories templates, they’re more likely to show up in your feed.”
  • If neither of these solutions work, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the Instagram app itself. In this case, the best solution is to uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Finally, if you’re still having problems with your Instagram Stories repeating, it’s best to contact the Instagram support team for help.

Why Does Instagram Always Show The Same Person’s Stories Repeatedly?

Have you ever noticed that your Instagram Stories feed seems to favor certain people, showing their stories over and over again even if you haven’t interacted with them recently? It’s not just you – this is a common complaint from Instagram users. There are a few possible reasons for this.

  • First, Instagram may think that you’re more interested in seeing stories from people who you engage with frequently. So if you’ve been watching someone’s stories regularly or interacting with them in other ways (liking their posts, etc.), they’re more likely to show up in your feed.
  • Another possibility is that Instagram is trying to show you content that it thinks you’ll find relevant or interesting. So if someone you follow has posted a lot of stories about a topic that you’re interested in, they’re more likely to show up in your feed.

Whatever the reason, there’s no need to worry – there’s an easy way to fix this issue. Just go into your settings and turn off the “Show Relevant Stories First” option. This will disable the algorithm that favors certain people’s stories and show everyone’s stories in chronological order instead.


Instagram story won’t go away after viewing

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’ve probably noticed that your Stories tend to repeat themselves after you’ve viewed them once. You may have even seen the same Story multiple times in a row. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re trying to view other people’s Stories and keep up with what’s going on in the world. But why does this happen?

There are a few different reasons why your Instagram Stories might be repeating. One possibility is that you have a slow internet connection. If your phone or tablet is connected to Wi-Fi, try turning it off and see if that fixes the problem. If you’re still having trouble, it could be because of an issue with the Instagram app itself. Sometimes the app gets stuck and starts repeating content.

Scammer Pictures Search 2023: Identify Scammer Profiles

One of the main concerns of online users is how to detect who is a scammer or not. That is especially important when you are asked to send money to someone unknown. But as technology advances, we learn how to protect ourselves and our benefits. And in this specific case, if you search for scammer pictures search, how to do it, and what are the best tools for that, you will not face these kinds of problems anymore.

What is a scammer pictures search?

As its name implies, scammer pictures search or female scammer pictures search refers to a process through which you will find if the unknown person you are talking to is a scammer or not. And the details of this process are not much complicated, because there are different ways, which I will talk about later, that you can use to find if that person is a scammer or not using his picture and trying a reverse Scammer Pictures Search.

How to do a scammer pictures search?

Now that you know what scammer pictures search means, you might want to know which way is the best to do female scammer pictures search or any other type, so keep reading because below you can find all details about these two popular ways.

  • Try Google for a scammer pictures search:

As you know Google is one of the most famous search engines in the world, used for all kinds of searches from keywords to images. So, the next time you are suspicious about someone, remember that you can use this search engine for comprehensive searching and see if there are similar images on other relevant websites. If the answer is yes, you should stay alert.

  • Use third-party tools for a scammer pictures search:

Also, there are several professional online dating investigation services, you can use to do a successful female scammer pictures search. As you might know, these tools use various sources, such as public records, social profiles, and even technologies, like advanced facial recognition to help you identify if this is a scammer image. To find some of these best tools, do not miss the next paragraph.

3 Best tools for scammer pictures search

And finally, let’s find the top three reverse search tools that help you find whether you are facing a scammer or not. Read the below items and choose which scammer pictures search is the best based on your situation.

  • Social Catfish:

The first option I want to introduce here is Social Catfish. This tool is a popular reverse search engine that can be used in various cases, such as finding a person by name, address, phone number, or just by the picture. Also, I should add that it owns its fame from its high-end facial recognition technology and strong and trustful databases. If you choose this one as your favorite tool, follow the below steps and do a successful scammer pictures search.

  1. Visit the Social Catfish official site.
  2. Simply upload the image you want to do a scammer pictures search about it and click on Search.
  3. And the tool will show the most matching results to the picture.
  • TinEye:

The second option you can use is TinEye. This popular tool is especially useful for those who want to do a female scammer pictures search. While this tool helps you find out people by using the pictures, it gives you all related information to the picture, such as on what platform it is used. You can simply use this website, by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the TinEye website.
  2. Click on the ‘Upload’ button on the homepage.
  3. Then choose the picture you want from your phone gallery.
  4. Tap on Search.
  5. And the site will show all information related to that image.
  • PimEyes:

The third option I want to introduce is a face-recognition search engine, and you can simply use it as a female scammer pictures search. If you want to find out whether a person is real or fake using this scammer pictures search tool, follow the below items:

  1. Search the PimEyes website.
  2. Click on the camera icon close to the search section and upload your photo.
  3. Then tap on Search.
  4. After a few minutes, you will find the most approximate results.


  • What are photos used for by scammers?

They are images used to divert victims’ attention from their real identities.

  • How do you protect yourself from identity theft?

You can reach this goal by some simple steps, such as securing your Social Security number (SSN), not sharing personal information, collecting your emails every day, and even paying attention to your billing cycles.  

  • What can a scammer do with a picture of me?

That is actually not good at all because they can do various things with your picture, such as creating fake id cards, morphing the pictures, and even creating a pseudo profile with your name.


Previously, you read that a scammer pictures search is one of the best ways when you do not know if the person you are facing is a scammer or not. Also, you learned about female scammer picture search tools and how to use Google to reach this goal. But if you still have any questions on your mind not answered here, comment below here. And we will find the best answer for you.

All About Tinder Search 2023 (Tinder search without registering)

Nowadays, all people, especially youth, would like to use online dating networking applications, and Tinder is a great example of that you can use to meet new people. Now you might ask how to search for someone on tinder or even if you can search people on tinder. So, we want to go through this topic and talk about the details of tinder profile search, such as tinder search without registering.

Can you search people on Tinder?

The first question that should be answered about tinder search is can I search people on tinder? And the answer is yes. You can do a tinder profile search to find new people through this app, while there is no direct search bar. So, keep reading and learn more about how to search for someone on tinder, if he has not previously hidden your profile.

How does Tinder search work?

Now that you found the answer to the “can you search people on tinder” question, it might be interesting to know how Tinder search works, which is not complicated. Below point are all the details you should know about the tinder search function:

  • You can download the app free for Android and iOS phones and sign up with your Facebook account or phone number. 
  • After that, the app uses your location to find nearby singles. 
  • Then you will see a list of profiles, and you can choose among them by swiping your finger to the left or right. Right means you like to contact that person, and left means you do not like him/her. 
  • By swiping your finger to the right, the person will be notified by a like from someone, while they can not see your profile unless they paid for a membership. 
  • Now, if the person who received your right swipe, swipes right again on your profile, a match will happen, and you can start a conversation on Tinder with each other.

How to search for someone on Tinder?

As I have mentioned above, based on Tinder rules, you can’t search for a specific person on Tinder, unless you are matched with that person. But that does not mean you have to give up because here I have gathered a list of the most helpful ways to do a tinder profile search.

  • Narrow the search radius to find someone on tinder search:

The first option I want to introduce for how to search for someone on tinder is to use the Tinder-specific feature that allows you to narrow down your discovery preferences to find the person you like. So, try the below steps and see if you can do a successful tinder profile search.

  1. Go to your profile and choose Settings.
  2. Scroll down, find Discovery, and tap on it.
  3. Set your search preferences by changing the age range, distance, gender, and more. 
  4. Change the app set to search from your current location.
  5. If you reduce the search radius by moving it to the left, the app will only show nearby people.
  6. Choose Done and save your preferences.
  • Try Tinder search through the list of people you’ve already matched with:

This is the only Tinder search official way offered to find people you’ve already matched with them from the list of matches. To do this kind of tinder profile search, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Tinder app main screen.
  2. Choose the Message icon, which is like a speech bubble at the top of the screen.
  3. Swipe down from the top of the screen to see the search bar.
  4. Type the person’s name and select the Search button.
  • Use username URLs to do a tinder search:

When you know a person’s Tinder username, you can use it and easily do a tinder profile search by typing[username] in any browser you like (without the brackets). Even when you do not know their Tinder username, you can try their other social media usernames, like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

  • Make a successful tinder profile search using the phone number:

Are you wondering how to search for someone on tinder? Do you know his phone number? If so, the easiest way is to use a people search service like Intelius and benefit from its powerful reverse phone lookup to find a complete list of information about the phone number owner, such as real name, contact, photos, and 50+ social media profiles.

  • Use a name or email address to find someone on Tinder:

This way is the same as what I have explained above. But this time, you should use powerful search tools like Truthfinder or BeenVerified to find detailed information about anyone who you know his name or email address.

So, simply go to the apps> enter the name> click Search> and find your intended Tinder account.

  • You can find someone on tinder search by a photo:

In case you know nothing about that person, such as name, phone number, email address, and like this, but still want to find out how to search for someone on tinder, see if you can find a photo of him or her.

If so, you can use different powerful reverse image tools, such as Google image search or Social Catfish. These apps allow you to upload any image you wish to find its owner, then they will show you a list of information about that person, including his social media accounts.

How to do a Tinder search without registering?

In the first paragraph, I talked about the “can you search people on tinder” question, you learned that the app does not allow you to search any account even if you have matched with them previously. But then I talked about the tricks that help you bypass this limitation.

So, if you are not registered on Tinder and want to find someone on this app, you do not have a hard job to do. You can simply google their Tinder username, as I have mentioned above, or use reverse search engines, like Social Catfish, Spokeo, PeopleFinders, and more to find their account by other info like phone number, name, email address, photo, and so on.

Are there any third party apps for a Tinder search?

Of course yes. As you read above, there is a long list of these third-party apps known for their powerful reverse lookup services, like Intelius, Socialcatfish, Truthfinder, BeenVerified, and more. While using these tools is easy, if you want to learn more about how to use them to make a tinder search without registering, read the above paragraphs.


What if I don’t know the person’s name or phone number, but I have a picture of them

You can use different ways, such as Google image search, or other thyroid-party apps, like Social Catfish to find all social media accounts of the photo owner.

Are there any limitations to searching for someone on Tinder?

Yes, for example, you can not search for someone on Tinder for free without getting matched, or with a phone number.


Can you search people on tinder? The above text was specially written for those who want to find a person on the Tinder app but do not know how. There, I have mentioned different ways, such as using search tools and doing reverse lookups, searching username URLs, and even narrowing the search radius. If you still have a question you can not find its answer to here, please write it in the comments, and our team will share the best answers with you.

Google Voice Number Lookup 2023: Find a Voice Number Owner

Are you among those people using Google Phone service to avoid missing any important calls and prefer to have a single number to ring all other devices? If so, it might be interesting to know that one of the most common questions among these users is how to find a Google Voice Number Owner. So, let’s go deeper and read more about google voice number lookup methods and the best apps to perform a google voice phone number lookup.

What Is a Google Voice Number?

Before I talk about the best ways to google voice phone number lookup, I want to introduce this Google service and its super options for those who might not know. Google Voice number is a U.S. telephone number you can use for all you do with a normal phone number and much more, like: 

  • You can use Google Voice Number to receive calls and texts, even in a way that rings all your phones at the same time.
  • Also, it is possible to use this service and make calls and send texts, so your Google Voice number will show up on the receiver’s phone. Also, Google Voice can automatically convert your text to speech on the receiver’s phone.
  • And finally, you can use Google Voice number to make conference calls, so the service will place a call and connect all the participants.

Can you look up a Google Voice number?

As you read above, Google Voice service is much like your unique telephone number because you can use it for personal or business purposes, but there is a main difference that it does not publicly list your Google Voice number, so they are generally untraceable. But do not worry, there is always a way to reach your goal. So, keep reading and learn more about the best google voice number lookup methods.

How to do a Google Voice Number lookup? (iOS/Android)

Previously you read that google voice number lookup is not easy because of Google’s strict policies that avoid closing Google Voice numbers information. But there is nothing to freak out about, keep calm and choose the best method among the below-mentioned items.

  • Use Google search for google voice phone number lookup:

While this is not a definite way, that would be the first option that comes to mind. If you agree and want to try it as the first method of google voice number lookup, remember the below points.

  1. Copy and paste the Google Voice number into the Google search bar with quotation marks, like “1234567890”.
  2. Search among the long results list to see if you can find the owner you wish.
  3. Google is not the only chance, you can use other browsers, too.
  • Do google voice number lookup by uploading contacts on Facebook:

The next possible way is helpful for social media platform fans, such as Facebook users. They can try a Google Voice phone number lookup by following the below steps.

  1. Save the Google Voice number on your phone.
  2. Sign into your Facebook account through the app.
  3. Click on the hamburger icon.
  4. Go down and tap on Settings & privacy > Settings.
  5. Below the Permissions section, you will find Upload contacts, click on that.
  6. Switch on the Continuous contacts upload toggle.
  7. Then you will find the Google Voice number owner if the person has linked his number to his Facebook account.
  • Google voice phone number lookup by syncing contacts on Instagram:

If you don’t have a Facebook account but are an Instagram user, still there is a chance to find the owner of the Google number. Try to sync your contacts with Instagram and see if it works as a google voice number lookup.

  1. Open Instagram on your phone.
  2. Go to the Profile screen.
  3. Click on the hamburger icon > Settings> account.
  4. Choose Contacts syncing.
  5. Turn on Connect contacts toggle, and you will find the google voice number if he linked his number with his IG account.
  • Use third-party apps to do a google voice phone number lookup:

And finally, the most simple way is to use a third-party app as a reverse phone lookup tool, such as Spokeo, TruthFinder, TruePeopleSearch, BeenVerified, and ZabaSearch. Visit the site, enter your Google voice number, click the search button, and be done. To know more about each of these websites, go to the 5th paragraph, “Apps to perform a Google Voice Number lookup”.

How to do a Google Voice Number lookup? (Computer)

No matter you are using a computer or a phone to do a google voice phone number lookup, the ways are the same. This means all computer users can use the above-mentioned ways for a google voice number lookup, such as:

  • Searching on Google
  • Uploading Facebook contacts
  • Syncing Instagram contacts
  • Using third-party tools

Apps to perfom a Google Voice Number lookup

As promised, in this paragraph, I want to introduce some of the best third-party apps that help you do a google voice phone number lookup. Read the below list and then decide which one you like to use.

  • Spokeo:

The first great app you can use to do a successful google voice phone number lookup is Spokeo. Simply search the site address, and then you can search other people’s information by entering a name, phone, address, or email and pressing a button.

  • Truthfinder:

The next option is Truthfinder, which is famous for its wide range of facilities for finding social media accounts, photos, police records, background checks, civil judgments, contact information, and much more. You will benefit from this site’s unlimited searches by entering simple factors, such as first name, last name, and like this.

  • TruePeopleSearch:

The third option I want to introduce as a popular online people search tool is TruePeopleSearch. This website is a great way to do a google voice number lookup with 24/7 available customer services and easy usage.

  • BeenVerified:

Are you looking for a fast way to find someone’s public record information? Do you like to do an easy reverse phone lookup? If so, you should not miss the chance to use the BeenVerified app. This tool is also perfect for those who want a simple and fast google voice phone number lookup.

  • ZabaSearch:

And the final option that I want to introduce for a perfect google voice number lookup is ZabaSearch. It is another free app powered by Intelius, which you can use to find basic information, such as name, address, age, and partial phone numbers. 

By the way, you can also read: “How to leave a voicemail without calling” to learn how to send a voicemail for someone without having to call them.


  • How Do I Find Someone on Google Voice?

Unfortunately, Google Voice numbers do not have any listing, and the only way is to ask the person directly for their number.

  • Find email associated with google voice number

The best way you can find the email address associated with your google voice number is to use a professional phone lookup tool, such as BeenVerified.

  • Are Google Voice Numbers Anonymous?

That is not a default feature but you can manually hide your caller ID through its settings.

  • Find your Google Voice number or username

Visit this Google support page, and choose how you can find your Google Voice number based on the device you are using.


Do you want to find the owner of a Google Voice number? While it seems impossible, above you read that you can reach this goal through different ways, such as making a Google search, uploading contacts on Facebook or Instagram, and using special third-party tools designed for reverse searches. Also, I have mentioned the details of each of these ways. If you still have a question about google voice number lookup, you can share it with us and other readers in the comments, hoping to find the best answer.

Fake ID for Roblox 2023: How to Find and Use Them?

Have you ever wished to be someone else on the video game platform Roblox? If so, then you should know that getting a fake ID could be the way to go. There are a lot of people who want to create a fake id for roblox. The reason for this is because they want to be able to play the game without having to pay for it.

In this article, we’ll explore fake ID for Roblox, how to find and use one, and the pros and cons of doing so. Read on to find out if a fake ID is right for you!

What is a  Fake ID for Roblox?

A fake ID for Roblox is an unofficial identity that can be used to gain access to certain areas or features of the game that are normally not available to players who do not have a paid membership. For example, a player with a fake ID might be able to enter into a restricted area on the map, or they might be able to use commands or abilities that are otherwise unavailable.Fake IDs can be obtained from a number of sources, both online and offline. However, it is important to note that using a fake ID is against the terms of service for Roblox, and may result in a ban from the game.

How to find fake ID for Roblox?

If you want to find a fake ID for Roblox, the best place to start is online. There are a number of websites that sell fake IDs, but not all of them are created equal. You’ll want to make sure you choose a reputable site that offers a money-back guarantee in case your ID is rejected by Roblox.

  • Once you’ve found a site you trust, simply purchase the fake ID and enter the required information. Be sure to double-check that all the information is correct before submitting it, as any mistakes could result in your ID being rejected.
  • If everything is entered correctly, you should receive your fake ID within a few days. Once you have it, log into Roblox and head to the “Create” page. From there, select “Upload an Image” and choose the file containing your fake ID.
  • Now that your fake ID is uploaded, go ahead and create whatever account you want! Just keep in mind that using a fake ID on Roblox is against the terms of service and could get your account banned if you’re caught.

How to Use fake ID for Roblox? (Not Recommended)

There are a number of ways that you can use a fake ID for Roblox. Here are some of the most popular methods:

1. Create a new account using a fake name and email address.

2. Use a fake ID generator to create an account.

3. Use a stolen or borrowed credit card to pay for your membership.

4. Use someone else’s account by logging in with their username and password.

5. Hack into an existing account using a third-party software program.

Reasons To Get a Fake Roblox ID

There are many reasons why someone might want to get a fake Roblox ID. Maybe they want to create a new account with a different username or maybe they just want to use a different avatar. Whatever the reason, there are some easy ways to find and use fake IDs for Roblox.

  • One of the most common reasons people use fake IDs is to create multiple accounts. This can be useful if you want to have more than one account for different purposes. For example, you could have an account for gaming and another for chatting with friends. Creating multiple accounts is also a good way to avoid getting banned from Roblox. If you get banned on one account, you can simply create another and continue playing.
  • Another reason people use fake IDs is to change their username or avatar. This can be fun if you want to experiment with different looks on Roblox. It can also be useful if you’re trying to We understand that sometimes circumstances may force our hand into opting out of the wonderful world of online games like Roblox; maybe your parents found out about your double life as a secret robot assassin or something, we don’t judge here. Changing your name or profile picture occasionally is also a great way of throwing people off the scent should anyone be looking for you specifically within the game; it’s like putting on a disguise!

Do fake ID for Roblox work?

fake ID for Roblox are all over the internet. They can be easily found with a simple Google search, and there are many websites that offer them for sale. However, it is important to remember that not all of these IDs will work. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a fake ID for Roblox.

  1. Bake sure that the website you are buying from is reputable. There are many scams out there, and you don’t want to waste your money on an ID that doesn’t work. Secondly, make sure that the ID you purchase has all of the information that it should have. Most fake IDs will only have your name and photo, but some may also include your address and date of birth.
  2. Be aware that using a fake ID on Roblox can get you banned from the site. If you are caught using one, your account will be suspended and you will not be able to play again until you create a new account. So, if you’re going to use a fake ID on Roblox, be sure to do so carefully and with caution.

What is the cost of getting fake ID for Roblox?  

There are a few different ways that you can go about getting a fake ID for Roblox. You can either use an online service, or you can purchase one from a physical store.If you decide to go the online route, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure that the website you’re using is reputable. There are a lot of scams out there, so you don’t want to end up wasting your money on something that’s not going to work.
  1. Memember that you’re going to need to pay for the ID. Most of the time, these websites will charge you per ID, so if you’re only looking for one, it shouldn’t be too costly. However, if you’re looking for multiple IDs, the cost can start to add up.
  1. keep in mind that some online services will require you to provide additional information before they’ll create your ID. This usually includes your name, address, and date of birth. Make sure that you have all of this information ready before you begin the process so that everything goes smoothly.

If you decide to purchase your fake ID from a physical store, there are a few things to keep in mind as well. First, make sure that the store is reputable and that they have a good selection of IDs to choose from. Second, remember that you’ll need to pay for the ID upfront; most stores don’t accept payment plans or anything like

By the way in the guide: “How to Give Robux” learn how to gift Robux to people and groups easily.


Are Roblox fake IDs used for pranks or for real?

Fake IDs are commonly used for pranks or for real identification purposes. There are many ways to obtain a fake ID, but the most common is to buy one online. Some websites will even sell you a fake ID for free.

Can You Get Banned for Using Fake ID on Roblox?

Yes, you can get banned for using fake ID on Roblox. If you are caught using a fake ID, your account will be suspended and you will not be able to play the game. Additionally, your IP address will be banned from the game servers, preventing you from accessing the game in the future.

Can You Use a Fake ID for Roblox Voice Chat

The internet is home to a number of sites where you can find fake IDs for Roblox. However, it’s important to note that using a fake ID for Roblox voice chat is against the site’s terms of service and can result in your account being banned. That said, there are still some people who use them anyway. 

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