Bicycle rental service 2022: How to start your own business?

A person with a bicycle in their garage is an archenemy of the modern economy indeed; you don’t have to visit gas stations, you don’t have to pay pollution tax due to decreasing the quality of the atmosphere, and almost no mechanic can benefit from your vehicle. Although bikes are popular among several families, many guys lack a personal one but are willing to use them for a short duration.

Have you heard about the term “bike rentals” and how they operate? Make sure you have gotten the full answer to these questions;

  • What is a bicycle rental service?
  • Is it profitable to start bicycle rentals?
  • How to start a bicycle rental service?
  • Finding a bicycle rental near me

What is a bicycle rental service?

Bike rentals are founded to rent their bicycles to customers for a short period, like several hours. Most bike rentals are provided by bike shops as a sideline to their main sales and service businesses, but some shops specialize in rentals.

Starting a bicycle rental service company is much easier than you may have experienced before, and by reading the following paragraphs, you will find out how to fund bike rentals and make them functional.

Red bicycles for bike sharing that can be used in each of Japan’s major tourist destinations

Is it profitable to start a bicycle rental service?

Many governments are suffering from extensive costs of carbon fuels and pollution-related disadvantages; therefore, they prefer people to utilize a better method of transportation through the cities in order to minimize the size of the budget allocated to national environmental concerns.

As a result, governments are persuaded to allocate several bank facilities programs to the startup companies scheduling for starting bike rentals throughout the country. Furthermore, there are several methods that can help you with increasing the revenue of your new bicycle rental service program, including;

  • Cooperating with biker’s clubs
  • Targeting tourists
  • Maintaining inventory and setting up repair schedules
  • Seasonal discounts and promotional activities
  • Targeting employees in organizations

Top bicycle rental service startups

Successful business people are always eager to learn from their rivals, so you need to know the best in your bicycle rental service field and read their success stories. Here, we have collected the top eight global most successful bike rentals which can make your brain start vaporing;

  1. Yulu

Yulu is an application-based bicycle rental service that provides better conditions for moving between Indian locations. The company is equipped with GPS and Bluetooth-enabled bicycles& e-bikes for rent via a mobile application. The user can view nearby and available bicycles on their app and scan the QR code on the bicycle to unlock it and ride.

  • Year of foundation: 2017
  • Headquarters: Bangalore (India)
  • Total assets: $20,000,000+
  1. Donkey Republic

Although it seems to have a rural title, Donkey Republic is one of the most famous bike rentals in Europe, providing service for hundreds of green people out there. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users, and the rented bike is fitted with a digital lock that can be unlocked even with an offline phone.

  • Year of foundation: 2012
  • Headquarters: Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Funding: $6,500,000+
  1. Wheels

For the American people, Wheels maybe is a well-known bicycle rental service in the country. The company partners with city administrations, campuses, and enterprises to provide a high-quality service for the urban environment with dockless electric bikes. Wheels have an application compatible with Android and iOS devices to facilitate the process of bike renting.

  • Year of foundation: 2017
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles (United States)
  • Funding: $94,000,000+
  1. Mobycy

Mobycy is an app-based Indian company offering e-bike, e-scooter, and bicycle rental services. Users can enjoy a compatible application allowing them to locate different models of electric bicycles in mentioned rental stations.

  • Year of foundation: 2017
  • Headquarters: Gurgaon (India)
  • Funding: $4,500,000
  1. Mobike

Asian populations are also fans of urban biking, so that you can see a Chinese bike rental service on our list. The platform enables its users to find a Mobike nearby on the online map and rent bicycles through the mobile application. The operating bicycles can be tracked via GPS, and the users are charged based on the distance driven.

  • Year of foundation: 2015
  • Headquarters: Beijing (China)
  • Funding: $926,000,000+
  1. JUMP Bikes

Another American bike rental program enables users to find, book, and unlock the vehicle with a practical and useful mobile application. At the end of the ride, users need to leave the GPS-enabled bicycles at designated parking spaces.

  • Year of foundation: 2010
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn (United States)
  • Funding: $19,500,000+
  1. Pony

Are you interested in dockless bicycles? So Pony is here to rent these bikes in selected European locations. The rental service is accompanied by a practical application so that users are allowed to locate an available vehicle in the vicinity and scan the QR code to lock/unlock it.

  • Year of foundation: 2017
  • Headquarters: Oxford (United Kingdom)
  • Funding: $2,000,000+
  1. HumanForest

HumanForest is one the best you can find as an app-based bike rental in a super-crowded city like London. As a user, you are allowed to find and unlock your desired bike with a few clicks on the application. Furthermore, you will be amused with brilliant offers, including variant payment options, free minutes to unlock the vehicle, etc.

  • Year of foundation: 2019
  • Headquarters: London (United Kingdom)
  • Funding: $9,500,000+

How to start a bicycle rental service?

Once you have enough evidence to start a new bicycle rental service, it is time to learn how to create it. Although the process of founding a new company is a little bit different among countries, you can follow the backbone of your adventure by following these steps;

  1. Plan your bike rental business

First, you need to plan a roadmap to map out the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns. Maybe you need to answer the questions like “what are the startup and ongoing costs?” and “how much can you charge customers?” in your portfolio.

  1. Form your bike rental business into a Legal Entity

Different structures of businesses are available in the financial world. Still, in this case, it is better to set your bike rental program as an LLC or corporation to protect yourself from being held personally liable if your bike rental business is sued.

  1. Register for taxes

As a business owner, you have to pay several types of state and federal taxes, so you will need to apply for an EIN for your company.

  1. Create your website and application-based service

Modern public services need an official website and mobile application to represent their brand and make everything easier for their customers. According to this statement, you need to establish a web-based hub and a simple app for your bicycle rental service.

  1. Get the necessary permits & licenses for your bicycle rental business

Any public service and corporation need to get the required permits and licenses to keep itself from hefty fines and being shut down by the government. The main certificates necessary for your business can be listed as “state business licensing requirements,” “Liability Waiver,” and “Certificate of Occupancy.”

  1. Define your bicycle rental business brand

Once you have made the fundamentals of your company, you must create a shiny brand in the national atmosphere to absorb customers like a powerful magnet. You need to create a log with a QR code, so they will help your business stand out from competitors.

  1. Set up your final business system

Once you have established the previous steps, then you just need to gather your team and employees to start money-making. Enjoy your business!!!

What are the costs involved in opening a bike rental service?

Bike rentals are known for “economic startups,” so you don’t have to provide a chest of gold coins for your dream company. On average, a bicycle rental service will cost between $5,000 and $8,000 at the beginning. All you need is to buy a collection of 20 bicycles (with the cost of $250 each) and a home station ensuring that your customers will bring back your bikes to the same place. If you have an idea of providing supplements for your bike rentals (like helmets and bike locks), you need to spend an additional cost of $2,000.

How does a bike rental service make money?

The main profit-making pathway in managing a bicycle rental service is the principle you can get from the title; most bike rentals rent their transportation appliances at the cost of between $12 and $18 per hour, and will customers appraise your business if you decrease the hourly rental fees if the rental duration exceeds the average period.

You have noticed that most bike rentals are suffering from being “anonymous” and alien to people, so it is better to establish as many relationships as you can with other public gears to boost your business; you may need to sign a contract with local companies to choose your method of transportation for their staff, or cooperating with bike stores and share your customers to gain percentage from their selling program.

How much profit can a bike rentals business make?

Bike rentals are highly profitable compared to their maintenance costs. An efficient, popular bicycle rental service can make a profit of up to $80,000 per year, which is too enormous to be easily measured.

Note that the more extensive your bicycle rental service business is, the more bucks you have to pay to your employees, and your expenditure will start mushrooming. Hence, locating your business in a specified area of the city is recommended, or you have to run some auxiliary packages and selling programs to keep your profit still high and significant.

How to find a bike rentals near me?

Finding bike rentals near me is not a big problem think about. Since we are living between the internet wavelengths everywhere, many websites can help you find suitable bike rentals for your daily activities. For example, you can use;


For your purpose. Just insert your location, and you will find a list of bike rentals waiting for you in the local area.


Thank you for reading. Bike rentals are somehow a new opportunity for those young people willing to both enjoy their day and make money simultaneously. To start a bicycle rental service, follow the instructions explained above, and you will surely benefit from your corporation as soon as you get your first customer.

How to find a bike rental near me? Turn on your device and search for nearby bike rentals on the mentioned websites in the article. Make sure you have chosen the best rental service with the lowest rental fee.

The best ATM machine to buy in 2022 (Start an ATM machine business)

ATM machines have revolutionized the banking industry, so we only need to visit our bank for important cases. Today, more than 1,200,000 ATM machines are working, and a new ATM machine is added to this collection every five minutes. To think more miniaturized, more than 300 million mini ATM machine (or card swipe machines) are active worldwide

If you are interested in an ATM machine business and wondering how you can buy ATM machine for personal purposes, we are here to help you greatly. In this article, we are going to explore these questions;

  • What are the benefits of having an ATM machine business?
  • Which bank installed the first ATM machine in the United States?
  • Where to find an ATM machine for sale?
  • Where to buy an ATM machine?
  • How much does an ATM machine cost?
  • How can I find a used ATM machine for sale?

Is it good to have an ATM machine business?

A clever old man once told me, “a business owner should always be on the lookout for ways to make more money.” This is why more and more business people are chasing the “ATM machine for sale” banners on the internet.

How much is an ATM machine? Believe me; it doesn’t matter how many bucks you are going to spend for an ATM cos your ATM machine will bring your budget multiplied back to your budget for sure. So, is it correct that an ATM machine can print tons of dollar bills for your business? You never get an answer of “no” to this question.

What are the benefits of having an ATM machine business?

No matter if you decide to buy a typical ATM machine or a mini ATM machine version for your office, most experts will guarantee the profit you are going to receive from it. What are the advantages of having an ATM machine?

  1. Increasing revenue

When we talk about the ATM machine business, we are actually talking about super revenue. How can an ATM machine bring more revenue? Suppose that most people and young adults are just wondering about having a small snack or a cup of coffee after hard work. In this case, they prefer to pay for goods in cash rather than with their credit cards, and here they see an ATM next to your cashier person. Congratulations! You won praise!

  1. Increasing average spent

Any business owner wishes to have customers willing to spend more cash in their stores. If one of the limitations of spending money is lacking cash payments, you can eliminate this factor by implementing an ATM machine.

  1. Customer loyalty

Installing an ATM machine for your customers leads to making them happy, and happier customers often are more loyal ones. Once users know the ATM exists, they know where they can always quickly and easily access their money. In this way, you bring in more customers regularly.

  1. Save money on fees

If you offer access to cash in your store, you encourage more cash payments. More cash payments mean you have to pay fewer fees for transactions and save your money in your pocket. Furthermore, you can also use cryptocurrency as a payment method for your business, so customers can purchase from your store without wrestling with the government’s tax rules.

  1. Improving safety

An ATM machine in a store always looks safer than an ATM machine on the street. The nearby ATM machine will free users from getting out of your store and making a stop to deposit cash elsewhere, so installing an ATM can bring more comfort to your customers and your employees.

How much is a used ATM machine?

The next question is; how much is an ATM machine? Like domestic electric appliances and mobile phones, ATMs can vary in quality and total cost due to their manufacturer and the materials used in making them. If you want to buy ATM machine, you can have one of them by paying an average of $2000 to $7000 on markets. Note that a more expensive ATM machine isn’t necessarily a functionally better choice, so you must take care of all parameters about the ATM machine specifications.

If you are one of those people groaning about the cost of new ATM machines, then try finding a used one. There are many used ATM machine for sale websites (like eBay and, where you can find a relatively operational ATM machine for sale for less than $1500.

Which bank installed the first ATM machine in the United States?

The history of installing ATM machines started in the big apple, New York. On a sunny September 2, 1969, Chemical bank installed America’s first automatic teller machine (ATM) for the public, located at Rockville Center. Many people in those days were like new babies having no idea about how to use an ATM machine, but soon, a revolution happened. Note that the ATM machine deputed in 1969 was only able to deposit cash, and just two years later, a multi-functional ATM machine was introduced.

It took only two decades for ATM machines to become popular all over the country. By the end of the 80s, an ATM machine became developed to perform many of the functions previously done by human tellers, such as check deposits and money transfers between accounts.

How to buy ATM machine?

For those customers managing to buy ATM machine for their business, several online and local marketplaces are supporting their customers with “ATM machine for sale” advertisements. To buy ATM machine for your business, these factors should be considered;

  1. Technology support

Used ATM machines seem to be cheaper than new ones, but their features are already out-of-date. Apart from operating at a slower pace, they are generally non-EMV compliant. As a recommendation, it is better to buy ATM machine compatible with EMV technology so that it can;

  • Display transactions information more securely
  • Deter efforts to scam customers through your ATM
  • Minimize fraudulent transactions by over 50%.
  1. The name of the manufacturer

Several manufacturers in the US are producing ATM machines (such as Genmega, Hantle, and Triton), but even these companies’ products can be far different from each other. In this case, your task is to carefully study the whole catalogs of any ATM machine you are deciding to purchase, leaving no sentence unviewed.

  1. Aesthetics

Although it seems wired, people are more comfortable with more beautiful and modern ATM machines!!! In the role of an ATM machine customer, you should also take care of the character your ATM machine shows up the first glance. Note that people judge the functionality of machines and technology based on their appearance, so make sure that aesthetics is part of your criteria.

Where to buy ATM machine for sale?

After thinking about the features of your desired ATM machine, it is time to locate a store for stating to spend your money. If you live in big cities like New York, Detroit, or Chicago, there are various shopping centers so that you can drive to their location and choose the best ATM machine for your work. You can purchase your ATM machine online if you think sticking in traffic jams is not a good idea.  

Where to buy an ATM machine? Check these websites to find your dream ATM machine;

What is the best ATM machine to buy?

Are you determined to buy ATM machine? Then let’s review the best ATM machines you can own for your business;

  1. Genmega 2500, Onyx

This is one of the best ATM machines you can find on the market. The G2500 comes with special features, such as an 8-inch high-resolution, wide-screen LCD with EMV technology and additional tools to operate. This product also has fixed, removable, and multi-cash cassette dispenser options.

  • Price: $6200 to $9000
  1. Nautilus Hyosung 2700

If you are looking for an ATM machine with easily upgradable features, then Nautilus Hyosung 2700 is made for you. The new Hyosung model is accompanied by a 10.4″ color display and heat-sensitive function keys, as well as a UL Business hours vault and PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant EPP (Encrypting PIN pad.

  • Price: $3000 to $4000
  1. Diebold Nixdorf CS 2040

Diebold Nixdorf ATM machines are compact and flexible for indoor purposes. It comes with a 15-inch XGA color consumer display screen; an 80 mm enhanced graphical printer and an EMV-compatible card reader.

  • Price: $3300 to $8000
  1. Triton Argo, Traverse

As a masterpiece in 40 years of Triton’s history as an American ATM manufacturer, this product can meet your most customized needs. This machine rates very well and is for high traffic and volume areas of many retail, food service, and hospitality locations. You will love its anti-skimming and PIN shielding design.

  • Price: $5300 to $12000
  1. Hantle 1700

The Hantle 1700 Series ATM comes with incredible high-tech features. This product only weighs 200 lbs and offers security and ease of maintenance. It is fully TDES and ADA compliant. You can purchase this ATM with a 1700 note removable cassette cash dispenser.

  • Price: $1900 to $2900


Thank you for reading. To find ATM machine for sale, just visit one or two websites on our list, and then you will be taken to the world of stunning ATMs for your purpose. How much does an ATM machine cost? New ATM machines are accessible with paying 6000 USD on average, but you can find a used ATM machine for sale for only $1000, though it is not recommended to buy old-fashioned ATMs.

ATM machine business is a great place for your investment. As more and more people are spending their hours in big shopping malls, an ATM machine is more needed to boost your revenue. So, just navigate your web browser and skim websites for an ATM machine for sale!!!

Best paying banking jobs 2022 (How to get one?)

Are you searching for the best banking jobs? As you know the financial industry is broad and almost lucrative. It means even an entry-level banking job is a well-paid one and if you have a strong business background and excellent communication skills, it is possible to get the best-paying job in this market. Keep reading and learn more about different kinds of banking jobs such as remote banking jobs, work from home banking jobs, entry level banking jobs, investment banking analyst jobs, commercial banking jobs, investment banking jobs, and even the list of banking jobs near me.

What are banking jobs?

Before going through different kinds of banking jobs near me, let’s see what does it mean? Banking jobs include all jobs in the financial service sector, such as working with or for banks at the local, state, or national level. Based on your experience level, you can find entry-level banking jobs like bank security to higher levels such as insurance/loan-related services.

What are the skills needed for banking jobs?

Now that you know a banking job could refer to what, you might think that you are pursuing a career in banking, but before anything, you have to know about the certain, unique set of qualities and skills that would help you be successful in this field. As you might know, corporate and investment banking are among the most competitive sectors, which means only the best and brightest ones can attend them. Read the below list, and find the top 10 most important skills you have to gain to get investment banking jobs or any other job in this field.

  • Analytical skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Attention to detail
  • Determination
  • Work ethic
  • Confidence
  •  Technical skills
  • Stress management
  • Communication skills
  • Resilience

Are there any remote banking jobs?

Do you like everything to do with money and banking? Are you among people who prefer a great job and work from home? If you love working in financial fields from home, it means you will like the work-at-home banking jobs. When you choose work from home banking jobs, it means you have the flexibility to build your own schedule. Keep reading and learn more about the samples of remote banking jobs, and other kinds of jobs in this field, such as investment banking analyst jobs, and investment banking jobs.

How to get into banking jobs?

Before going through different kinds of these jobs, let’s see how the process of getting into a bank job is. I have divided this long process into quick steps to help you easily consider how to start a banking career path.

  1. To get into most of the high-level and even entry level banking jobs, you need to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Whatever position you wish to pursue, you have to work on the list of essecila skills that I have mentioned above.
  3. As a great way to learn more about open banking positions, you have to network with those who already have a job in the banking industry.
  4. You have to carefully search several different bank settings you can work in, and find one that best suits your preferences. For example, you have to decide whether you want to work in commercial banking jobs, or investment banking jobs.
  5. After that, you have developed your banking skills and found the type of bank setting you want to work in, it is time to apply for open entry-level banking positions. 
  6. To take your banking career to the next level, you have to consider higher education or training.

How many types of banking jobs exams are there?

Another important question that you might ask yourself before searching for banking jobs near me is about the types of banking jobs exams that you might face whether you want to find a job among the entry level banking jobs or high-level ones. To make it easy for you, I have gathered a complete list of these exams, below.

  1. IBPS PO & CLERICAL (for nationalized banks)
  2. RRB PO & CLERICAL ( for regional rural banks)
  4. CO OPERATIVE BANK PO & CLERK ( state level)
  8. SCALE 2 OFFICER if you have more than 2 years of experience in banking.

What is the age limit for banking jobs exam?

Now that you know about the details of bank exams, you might want to know about the bank exam eligibility age limit. Here, I have to add that generally, the age limit for bank exams for the applicants is between 21 to 30 years. But if you want to know about the age relaxation in the upper limit for the reserved category candidates, read the below list.

  • SC/ST: 05 years
  • OBC: 03 years
  • PWD + SC/ST: 15 years
  • PWD + General: 10 years
  • Ex-servicemen: 05 years

Where to find the best banking jobs?

After that, you read all the points about remote banking jobs and work from home banking jobs, and how to get into entry level banking jobs. It is time to find the best websites which you can use to search for banking jobs near me. The below list offers the top six websites that could help you land your favorite finance job.

  •  The first option could be eFinancialCareers, which posts finance jobs in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. 
  • The second option where you can narrow your search is FinancialJobBank. 
  • The professional networking site, LinkedIn helps you to give your search a personal dimension.
  • Indeed, which works in aggregating thousands of job posts from company websites and other job boards.
  • SimplyHired is another website with a nice safety net of sorts.
  • Another most prominent group in the finance world is the Association for Financial Professionals.

Top 10 banking jobs

Finally, it is time to introduce the 10 best banking jobs. Search among the below list and find the one that best fits your interests, skills, and education level.

  1. Financial Analyst: As a financial analyst, you will work to help businesses or individuals make investment decisions, and you will earn a median annual salary of $85,660.
  2. Personal Financial Adviser: In this position, you help individuals manage their money to meet their short- and long-term goals, and you can earn a median annual salary of $87,850.
  3. Relationship Manager: As a professional in this field, you work to develop and maintain customer relationships, and you can earn an average annual salary of $83,574.
  4. Accountant: All accountants analyze, plan, and evaluate business expenses and income with a median annual salary of $71,550.
  5. Auditor: In this position, you should review accounting records, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations and state and federal laws with the median annual salary of $71,550.
  6. Branch Manager: You can choose to work as a branch manager and oversees operations, including hiring and training staff with an average annual salary of $59,185.
  7. Loan Officer: In this position, you have to help people identify and apply for loans even if it is mortgaged to personal loans, and you will earn a median annual salary of $63,270.
  8. Collector: All collectors play a pivotal role for companies as they manage accounts and keep track of bills. In this position, you can earn an average annual salary of $40,202.
  9. Bank Teller: As a bank teller, you have to cash checks, accept deposits, and process account withdrawals with a median annual salary of $31,230.9
  10. Treasurer: If you like to work in this position, you have to manage an organization’s finances, objectives, and goals, and you will earn an average annual salary of $86,955. 

Remote banking jobs

Previously, you learned what remote banking jobs mean. Now I want to tell three best options which you can search among the work from home banking jobs, and find the best.

  • Bank of America:

 The primary clients of the Bank of America are individual banking accounts, and institutional advisors and companies. If you want to know about the available positions, I have to mention that Bank of America frequently has remote call center associate opportunities upon location. Check your state to find the currently open jobs in your area. 

  •  Citizens Bank:

Citizens Bank, which is famous for creating a stellar “talent community” of employees is where you can find a wide variety of work from home banking positions, from mortgage officers or account executives to CRA loan officers, and more.

  •  JP Morgan Chase

The next large banking corporation that has embraced the work-at-home world is Chase bank. There, you can find various remote options such as virtual bank managers, virtual banking assistants, team leads, and so more.

Entry level banking jobs:

In this paragraph, I want to introduce the three most simple entry level banking jobs, you can choose to start your work in this field.

  • Assistant manager: 

In this position, you will work as an assistant manager and support managers to lead their teams, help customers resolve concerns with the company’s product or services, and work in the manager’s role when they’re absent.

  • Personal banker:

This job means you will work as a finance professional who helps their clients operate their accounts and investments. For example, you assist new and existing customers who need help setting up a checking or savings account.

  • Security guard:

The next option among the entry level banking jobs is a security guard. These security services professionals carefully watch the premises of a facility to keep the building and its residents safe.

Commercial banking jobs:

The next category that I choose to introduce its most popular jobs is the commercial banking jobs. Below here, you can find the top three commercial banking career options. 

  • Credit Analyst:

A credit Analyst considers the creditworthiness of the borrower and determines whether to pay the loan or not.

  • General Manager:

A General Manager oversees a large team under him in the advances department and carefully follows the portfolio assigned to him.

  • Business Development Manager:

Business Development Manager who leads the business development process for the bank, should source new customers for the bank and keep the current customers with the best service.

Investment banking jobs:

This time I want to go through the most important investment banking jobs, such as investment banking jobs. Read the below list and find the most important options in this sector.

  • Analyst:

Investment banking analyst jobs refer to people who work to prepare pitch book presentations on the companies for the senior team members needed for the meeting.

  • Associate:

The people who work as investment banking associates supervise the work done by the junior analyst and coach him correctly in the deal process.

  • Vice President:

The Vice President rules the investment banking unit in the company with a team of analysts and associates and makes a report for the managing director about the profit & loss account.


When you are here, it means you are interested in banking jobs and related positions. The good news is that you can read the above text and find details about all these jobs, their responsibilities, the place they work, the salaries and so on. Also, there you can find information about remote banking jobs and why people choose to work from home banking jobs. 

The 5 Best JBL Party Boxes to buy in 2022

If you are looking for a speaker to use at your next party, it is important to have a speaker with enough volume to fill large, crowded spaces. Speakers designed for parties are often large and heavy, as they tend to produce deeper, punchier bass than smaller speakers. They also often come with RGB lights and inputs for connecting external microphones and instruments. If you are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor parties, a battery charger is a must, so you are not limited by power outlets when placing it. It also should survive splashes and light rain if it’s IP-rated for water resistance. Here in this article we have reviewed the 5 Best JBL party speakers to buy in 2022 so stay with us.

Why to choose a JBL party box?

It has been over 70 years that JBL has been making audio systems and the company continues to improve its speakers. JBL faces competition from Bose and Harman Kardon, which produce high-quality speakers too. JBL speakers are a great option for users who need deep bass to listen to modern pop and hip-hop music. The sound quality is outstanding at low and high volumes.

Audio professionals rely on JBL party speakers such as jbl 300, and the company makes more than just speakers for DJs and other composers. It is easy to find these speakers in several clubs around the world, but the company is also making portable Bluetooth speakers for the pros. They are tough and reliable. One of the things that can be seen in their Bluetooth speakers is their battery life. Some speakers have a battery life of 24 hours and some even more.

JBL partybox 300 Introduction

Start the party wherever suits you with the JBL PartyBox 300. This intelligently designed Bluetooth speaker is portable, powerful, and perfectly sized for parties. Great for house parties or outside events, the PartyBox 300 features dual 6.5″ woofers and three 2.25″ tweeters that also light up with really cool effects. Featuring classic JBL sound, this speaker puts out an impressive 45Hz–20kHz frequency range and has bass boost for added thump.

The JBL PartyBox 300 is a strong party speaker with JBL sound quality and striking light impacts. Because of its battery-powered battery and 12V DC input you can bring the party all over. Simply plug in your Mic or Guitar and make that big appearance or stream your playlist through Bluetooth or from a USB stick. Interface two PartyBox speakers remotely with the TWS highlight or wired starting with one RCA yield then onto the next RCA input.

Estimating 27.1 by 12.2 by 12.6 inches (HWD) and tipping the scales at a bulky 17 kg, the jbl partybox 300 has underlying handles, as well as implicit elastic feet on two side boards and the base board too, so it tends to be situated upward or on a level plane. It’s most straightforward to work when vertical, in light of the fact that the top board houses the controls. At the point when laid on its side, the controls are as yet open, you simply need to hunch down to utilize them.


  • Portable Bluetooth-capable speaker puts out classic JBL sound
  • Insanely loud with two levels of bass boost
  • Mic and instrument inputs with gain knobs for karaoke and live music


  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Pricey
  • Not cables included for audio connections

What are the 5 best JBL party boxes?

Here we go for the top 5 JBL party boxes introduction:

  • JBL PartyBox 310

  • JBL PartyBox 710 Best expensive

  • JBL Lifestyle Party Box Transport Bag for 200 and 300 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Best overall

  • JBL Partybox On-The-Go – Portable Speaker with Built-in Lights and Wireless Microphone

  • JBL Go 3: Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Built-in Battery, Waterproof and Dustproof Feature – Black Best price

1. JBL PartyBox 310

Alike jbl 300 the JBL PartyBox 310 is a large battery-powered speaker with circular RGB lights. It has a slightly native sound profile suitable for all kinds of music. It features a bass boost to add more kick and punch, and you can customize the sound to your liking using the graphic EQ in its companion app. It’s perfect for musicians as it has mic and guitar inputs along with bass, treble and echo controls for the mic. It can be quite loud, although there is some compression at maximum volume. That being said, it is a bit big and bulky. However, if you’re looking for a powerful speaker for your next gig, it’s a solid choice.

JBL PartyBox 310 is good for music. It has a low sound profile that you can add more bass using its Bass Boost feature. It can also play stereo content, and can get pretty loud, although there are minor compression artifacts at maximum volume. You can also customize the sound to your liking using the graphic EQ in its companion app.


  • Can get very loud
  • Bass Boosted


  • Narrow-sounding soundstage

2. JBL PartyBox 710

The JBL PartyBox 710 is a large party speaker with a similar design to other speakers in JBL’s PartyBox lineup. This mighty speaker comes with customizable RGB lights, mic and guitar inputs, and can get incredibly loud, making it suitable to use at large crowded parties. When placed vertically, and with its ‘Bass Boost’ feature set to its first level, its boomy sound profile can produce a thumpy and rumbling low-bass that can please fans of bass-heavy music like hip-hop or EDM. While it has a built-in handle and wheels to help transport it, it’s still quite large and heavy and needs to remain connected to a power outlet to work, so it isn’t very easy to transport.

The JBL PartyBox 710 is good for rock music. When placed vertically and with ‘Bass Boost’ set to ‘1’, it has a boomy sound profile overall with quite an extended low-bass, so you can feel the deep thump and rumble in bass-heavy music like EDM or hip-hop, though this may overwhelm some users (unlike jbl 300). Its balanced mid-range ensures vocals and lead instruments sound clear and present in the mix, though they can also sound a bit dark at times. It can also get incredibly loud, making it suitable to use at large crowded parties. Unfortunately, it lacks sound customization features like a graphic EQ, so you can’t adjust its sound to your liking.


  • Gets loud
  • Can produce quite an extended low-bass


  • No graphic equalizer

3. JBL Lifestyle Party Box Transport Bag for 200 and 300 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Lifestyle Party Box Transport Bag gives a great fit to both the JBL Party Box 200 and 300 Battery-Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker. The sack is developed of dark, water-safe polyester with a delicate lined, 15mm cushioned inside body. This model is made of dark water-safe polyester with a delicate 15mm cushioned inside fixing with 25mm base cushioning to keep your speaker safeguarded during transportation. Just draw the snare and circle cover fold to unfasten and open the whole top of the pack for simple stacking and dumping. Store all the vital association links and extras in the huge outside zippered pocket. The extending handle and inline skate wheels give smooth and simple transportation to extremely long travel.


  • Battery operated
  • Nice look


  • Rolling bag cannot properly handle the weight of the speaker

4. JBL Partybox On-The-Go – Portable Speaker with Built-in Lights and Wireless Microphone

From beach parties to festivals, the JBL PartyBox On-The-Go lets you see, hear and feel the beat. Turn it up loud with 100 watts of powerful JBL Pro Sound, synched to a dazzling light show. Access your favorite tunes with Bluetooth, USB, AUX and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) connectivity, grab a friend and sing your hearts out with the JBL wireless mics, or use the instrument input to play along. With a bottle opener, padded shoulder strap, rechargeable battery and IPX4 splash-proof protection, the JBL PartyBox On-The-Go has everything you need to get the party started and take it with you.


  • Smooth sounding
  • color changing front


  • Not long lasting battery

5. JBL Go 3: Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Built-in Battery, Waterproof and Dustproof Feature – Black

A lot of Bluetooth speakers roll out lovely and steady improvements with progressive sections, so it’s somewhat amazing for perceiving the amount of a takeoff the JBL GO 3 addresses. In numerous ways, this convenient Bluetooth speaker shares all the more practically speaking with something like the UE WONDERBOOM line than with the somewhat plain plastic square shape that is the GO 2.

The new GO 3 is a generally plastic undertaking, as in the past, however, it accompanies many new actual elements. The speaker arrives in an adjusted, oval-sequel structure, canvassed in very close texture and rubber-treated plastic. Very much like the GO 2, the sound emerges from one side, with the other shrouded in a plastic fix so the speaker can lay level without sliding around. The texture covering a large portion of the JBL GO 3 brings a perfectly measured proportion of surface so it’s in every case simple for you to grasp.

Likewise new to the JBL GO 3 is a textured circle for draping the speaker from a snare or cutting it to a pack. The circle is for all time fastened to the speaker and is advantageous assuming that you need something you can hang up and disregard for an evening. However the circle is a piece little, it’s certainly sufficiently large to hang off a shower caddy.

The JBL GO 3 is IP67 evaluated for residue and water opposition, and that implies it’s sensibly dustproof, and it can deal with full submersion in dependent upon one meter of water for 30 minutes. Nonetheless, while its bounty solid, this is precisely perfect for somebody searching for a pool speaker for one explanation, it does not drift. You can play music all you like, and in any event, when the material covering is drenched through, the speaker sounds absolutely fine, however, when it goes in the pool it’s going directly to the base and taking your tunes with it.


  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Long lasting battery
  • cheap


  • Sinks in water
  • Small loop

In conclusion

The JBL Party Boxes namely the JBL partybox 300 are among the most versatile portable speakers. They deliver clear audio output that sounds great. The strength of sound and wireless feature makes this brand ideal for parties everywhere you want.

Facebook Marketplace Local Only: How to enable and use it?

Most of us spend a lot of time choosing a nice dress or baseball cap, and we need to travel kilometers of roads in a crowded city, being exposed to overwhelming heat and air pollution. What would it be like if the market we shop from and the social media platform we use to chat were the same? In this brief article, we will discuss the different aspects of Facebook Marketplace, especially Facebook Marketplace local only.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

It was October 3rd when Facebook officially announced the arrival of Facebook Marketplace, a new feature where people from many countries can discover, sell or buy goods based on their interests. In this digital mall, people can engage in selling and buying items from other users in their local area. To access Facebook Marketplace, you only need to open your Facebook app and click on the Shop icon at the bottom of the screen to check for the new features on the market. Note that all transactions take place outside the platform, and Facebook is not going to be responsible for legal terms.

Facebook marketplace local only, what is that?

The philosophy of creating Facebook Marketplace local only was arranging the trend of trading on the Facebook server because before that; users tended to sell, buy, and barter goods on Facebook groups, which can cause some problems. In the Facebook marketplace local only version, you set the radius of your Marketplace in such a way that you only see local listings on the platform.

As explained earlier, Facebook Marketplace is only an environment providing enough room for sellers to find customers for their goods, so all the process of purchasing and payment will be on you. As a result, it is better to use the Facebook Marketplace local only mode so that the distance you need to travel will shrink easily.

How to Enable Facebook marketplace local only?

Three methods are available to enable Facebook Marketplace local only on your app;

  1. Changing through the Categories section

Different categories can be seen in Facebook Marketplace local only, which you can use to set your location. Follow these steps;

1-First, click on the shop icon on your home feed to go to Facebook Marketplace.

2-Next, choose the profile icon or “categories” icon from the bar in the Marketplace.

3-Click on the location icon in Local Settings.

4-Now, you can choose several methods to set your local area. For example, you can enter the area where you wish to view the listings in the search bar. Alternatively, you can adjust your area by zooming in and out of the area you cover and consider it local.

5-If you need more customization, you can set a custom radius by simply clicking on the checkbox next to the “Custom radius” tab.

  1. Changing the location with “Settings”

You can also change the location through your setting option, as the following;

  1. First, click on the shop icon on your home feed to go to Facebook Marketplace
  2. Next, click on the “You” icon.
  3. Now, you can choose several methods to set your local area. For example, you can enter the area for which you wish to view the listings in the search bar. Alternatively, you can adjust your area by zooming in and out of the area you cover and consider it Local.
  4. If you need more customization, you can set a custom radius by simply clicking on the checkbox next to the “Custom radius” tab.
  5. Once you finish the process, click on the “Apply” button to save the changes made.
  1. Using the “Location” option

Another way to enable Facebook Marketplace local only is to set it by “Location.” Follow these steps;

  1. Firstly, click on the “shop” icon on your home feed to go to the Marketplace
  2. Click on the profile icon or “You.”
  3. Now, you can choose several methods to set your local area. For example, you can enter the area for which you wish to view the listings in the search bar. Alternatively, you can adjust your area by zooming in and out of the area you cover and consider Local.
  4. Once you finish the process, click on the “Apply” button to save the changes made.

Does Facebook Marketplace Offer Local Delivery?

This is the question that most people, including the employed and busy guys, ask. Facebook Marketplace has many local partnerships for delivering services, so people can rely on these offices to have their purchases at their homes. Unfortunately, customers outside the zone need to figure out a different method of receiving.

Local delivery saves your time and money around purchasing the items from the Facebook marketplace. Most of the registered local delivery offices are safe and professional and offer their customers helpful service. Furthermore, the buyer doesn’t have to know where exactly you live, and you don’t have to worry about the random guys showing up at your doorstep. A disadvantage of Facebook local delivery is that it is only available for big-sized products, which are hard to ship.

What are eligible items for Facebook marketplace local only delivery?

Almost any product can be accessed through the Facebook marketplace; however, these items should obey the price and legal limitations, which will be explained later. The %99 of the items you see on the Facebook marketplace local only can be classified under these categories;

  • Classifieds
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Deals
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Hobbies
  • Home & Garden
  • Housing
  • Vehicles

Any Facebook user can sell on Marketplace with almost no problem. Official statistics show that the seller is only charged 5% of the sale price if the order is placed for shipping, a good place for earning bucks.

On the other hand, some policies abandon users to sell certain kinds of goods on Facebook Marketplace local only, which you can see below;

  • Gambling
  • Hazardous goods and materials
  • Adult products
  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Body parts and fluids
  • Digital media and electronic devices
  • Human exploitation and sexual services
  • Medical and healthcare products
  • Prescription products, drugs, and drug paraphernalia
  • Products with overtly sexualized positioning
  • Recalled products
  • Ingestible supplements
  • Jobs
  • Stolen goods
  • Digital products and subscriptions
  • Tobacco products and related paraphernalia
  • Weapons, ammunition, and explosives

Can you search Facebook marketplace local only by location?

The answer is definitely yes. Once you customize the Facebook marketplace local only to your area, the product categories will be sorted based on your location. The Local listings screen will show you which items are available for your local area and the seller’s details to contact.

How does payment work with Facebook marketplace local only delivery?

The process of shipping and payment in Facebook Marketplace is fairly straightforward. At this level, the buyer pays for Facebook Marketplace local delivery, which can be separate from the item’s price or in the accumulative form. You are also free to pay for the delivery through an app.


Thank you for reading. Facebook Marketplace is a nice, clean environment for those who think getting out to buy a pair of shoes is not cost-effective these days. In this case, reviewing the categories from Facebook Marketplace will be a good decision. For more information, you can visit the official Facebook website and ask your questions from the support team.

15 Best camera hard cases to buy in 2022 (Action Camera Protectors)

Hard camera frames are becoming increasingly popular these days. Photography equipment is expensive. Any damage can mean that a photographer cannot put the bread on the table. Just not worth the risk if you are looking for a solid and durable camera case for your equipment, check out our list of the best choices. Many professional photographers are moving away from backpacks and messenger bags. They are great for days out with your camera.

Why you need a camera hard case?

If you have to carry a lot of professional equipment, you may need something stronger. A hard case gives you the ultimate protection. The hard shell of the outer frame protects your equipment from damage. Hard camera frames are great for great photography. And they give you peace of mind when you travel with all your camera equipment. You no longer need to be afraid of accidents or moving your luggage with your finger.

While traveling, whether locally or abroad, you always want to use common sense when keeping your photography equipment safe. Some basic principles include carrying an old bag to keep things moving, taking care of the environment and self-awareness, traveling with a friend, carrying your bag in front of you in crowded areas, and always having a backup plan. The backup plan here is travel case for camera.

What is an action camera protector?

An action camera protector guardens your camera lens from cracks and scratche. Screen protectors protect against dust and scratches as well as damage from the elements. Many of them are available in colorful designs that enhance the look and feel of your phone. However, the most important factor is that it is made of Security glass. Screens made of security glass are much stronger than those that are not. This is because this type of glass is resistant to oil and scratches and can even improve your user experience because your fingers can slide on them with a smoother motion. In addition, they can prevent oily stains and excessive fingerprints.

Protecting your camera’s LCD screen is very important to prevent everything from rusting to scratching. And, LCD screen protectors with optical glass are not loose layers, but a real piece of thin, non-bending glass. They are also scratch-resistant as well as glue-free, bubble-free, unbreakable and compatible with touch / rotate screens. However, it is important to note that when the electrostatic-silicon-absorbing layer is attached to your LCD screen, it can be very difficult to adjust in any way if it is not properly aligned.

Where to buy the best camera hard case?

As camera hard cases are available in a range of sizes and colors, you should select them base on the type and amount of equipment you plan to carry. Pick small, easily portable cases for small cameras, lenses, or even a cell phone. Opt for a case that is about the size of a standard toolbox for a larger, professional camera and its accessories, and choose among the largest cases, which sometimes resemble a trunk or luggage, to accommodate everything you need. Online shops like Amazon make it easy for you to explore deeply and find what you really need. In addition, you can make purchasing easier by reading reviews about different products.

10 best camera hard cases to buy

If you are looking for something protective for your camera, you better check out our following list of best camera hard cases:

  • Amazon Basics Small Carrying Case for GoPro And AccessoriesBest overall

  • B&W Outdoor Case Hard Case Type 2000 Inlay for GoPro Hero 9 AccessoriesBest expensive

  • TEKCAM Action Camera Carrying Case Protective Storage Bag CompatibleBest price

  • Pelican Air 1525 Hard Case

  • Vanguard Supreme 46F Hard Case

  • Nanuk 935 Carry-On Hard Case

  • Pelican 1510 Hybrid camera cases

  • SKB iSeries 3i-1309 camera cases

  • Manfrotto Reloader Tough L55 case for camera

  • Vault by Pelican – v525 Case with Padded Dividers for Camera

1.  Amazon Basics Small Carrying Case for GoPro And Accessories

This small case for a GoPro camera and accessories is compatible with all GoPro cameras including GoPro HERO6, GoPro HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver and HERO Session. This camera protector keeps your GoPro and accessories safe with secure and organized Foam padding, pre-cut slots to keep your gear in place and high-quality EVA interior Durable zipper and carry handle.


  • Good zipper
  • Handy


  • the product photo does not match reality

2.  B&W Outdoor Case Hard Case Type 2000 Inlay for GoPro Hero 9 Accessories

This GoPro case meets all outdoor requirements. Waterproof according to IP 67, suitable for flights thanks to a pressure compensation valve and so stable and robust that the B&W case can be used in the military, fire service, etc.

Pre-cut foam insert absorbs vibrations and is the perfect fit for the Hero 9 camera and accessories such as the dual battery charger, 3 batteries, floating handle, 7 microSD cards, and numerous mounts and cables. With internal dimensions of 10.8 x 6.9 x 6.1 inches and a volume (empty) of 6.6 liters, this case offers enough space for all accessories, and with external dimensions of 10.6 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches it is a compact companion on the go all your trips.

The shells of our cases are made of high-quality polypropylene and are temperature resistant from -22°C to +176°F, thanks to their elaborate workmanship our outdoor cases are waterproof, dustproof, stable and extremely robust. Thanks to the rubber handle and the two eyelets for padlocks (diameter 4.5 mm). You should also protect your expensive GoPro accessory kit from theft.


  • Well-designed
  • Good production materials


  • Nothing reported

3.  TEKCAM Action Camera Carrying Case Protective Storage Bag Compatible

 This action camera protector is durable and has water-resistant nylon shell, high-density foam padded interior, perfectly formed compartments for your waterproof action camera with accessories, comfortable and supportive carry handle. Tekcam Action Camera Carrying Case Compatible with a diverse range of camera models. With practical handle easy to carry by hand. Dimensions are 20 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches. This model is elegant, light, padded, compact and easy to carry with luggage.


  • pretty lightweight
  • perfect for travel and adventure


  • Not enough capacity

4. Pelican Air 1525 Hard Case

Pelican is the leading brand for camera hard cases and the Air 1525 hard case is their best all-around protective case. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and offers excellent protection to your photography gear. The exterior dimensions are L 21.96″, W 13.97″, and D 7.49″. And the interior dimensions are L 20.50″, W 11.31″, and D 6.75″. It’s spacious enough for more than one camera and plenty of lenses and accessories.

The option we’ve listed includes padded dividers. They hold your equipment in place and stop them from banging together. And the Velcro dividers are adjustable, so you can customize the interior space. The Air 1525 is 40% lighter than Pelican’s previous cases, but it can still take a beating. It’s completely crush-proof and watertight, and the purge valve regulates the air pressure inside.

If you’re looking for something solid, you cannot go wrong with this Pelican case. The Air 1525 is the best model in their range.


  • Worth the money you pay
  • Very good option for sensitive sets


  • Not enough pins to make things tight

5. Vanguard Supreme 46F Hard Case

Camera cases do not get much harder than the Vanguard Supreme 46F. It is slightly on the heavy side, but your camera equipment is safe and sound when packed away into this hard case. The exterior dimensions are L 20.25″, W 17.125″, D 8.625″. Interior dimensions are L 18.875″, W 14.625″, and D 7.875″. Big enough for several cameras and a good selection of camera accessories.

The hard case comes with interior foam, which you can modify. You create a foam pocket for each piece of equipment by cutting away the sections you don’t need. This system ensures each item has a snug fit and doesn’t move around.

It is ideal for air travel and adventure. The automatic pressure equalization valve makes sure no damage is done when the bag is on the plane. It’s waterproof down to 16.5 feet and it can survive temperatures down to as low as -40°C. If you want a hard camera case with a foam interior, the Vanguard Supreme 46F won’t let you down.


  • Well-made
  • steady


  • Bulky shaped

6. Nanuk 935 Carry-On Hard Case

The Nanuk 935 is a hard case for photographers who need to travel. It’s spacious enough for all your essential camera kit. And you can travel without fear of damaging your equipment.

The case includes a padded divider insert that keeps your camera and accessories neat and tightly packed. The lid interior also has foam padding for extra protection. The padded inserts are removable, allowing you to transport larger items that need protection.

The Nanuk 935 has a two-stage retractable handle and wheels on one end for easy mobility. It makes travelling through airports and train stations hassle-free. And it’s fairly lightweight.

Its waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. And the purge valve equalizes the pressure when you take the case as hold luggage. Safety is not a problem as you can padlock the case using the two built-in latches. The Nanuk 935 is a great all-around hard camera case. It’s durable and easy to transport, making it one of the best camera cases for travelling photographers.


  • Comes with pick-and-pull foam for customization
  • Affordable


  • Spotty quality control
  • Heavier than your average cases

7. Pelican 1510 Hybrid camera cases

The 1510 Hybrid Case is another top camera case from Pelican. If you see the name pelican, you can be sure you have a case made for rough handling. Protection is what this case is all about. Its waterproof and crush-proof, even meeting the standards for the US military. The equalization valve stabilizes pressure inside the case and keeps water out. This model option has both padded dividers and foam inserts. Lenses and other items fit nicely between the divider panels and each of your camera bodies can have its own custom foam nest.

The wheels and extendable handle make travel comfortable and easy. It is a reliable and robust hard camera case made for a hard life on the road. It isn’t the cheapest option, but with Pelican, you always get your money’s worth.


  • Watertight with Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
  • Waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof
  • Small enough to carry in airplanes


  • expensive
  • Limited customization
  • Slightly old locking system

8.  SKB iSeries 3i-1309 camera cases

The SKB 3i-1309 is one of the smaller cases on this list. But SKB makes no compromises when it comes to build quality. It’s a handheld hard case that will keep your gear safe. The interior measures in at L 13.7″, W 9.2″, D 7.5″, which is enough to store a DSLR or mirrorless camera. You can also get two extra lenses and other accessories without the case becoming cramped.

When it comes to protection, the SKB 3i-1309 is military-grade toughness. The outer hard case is extremely tough, and the gasket seal makes it completely watertight. The foam inserts and lid protector keep your equipment safe.

The SKB iSeries 3i-1309 is a brick. Small cases don’t get much tougher than this. It’s perfect for short trips and small enough to take as hand luggage if you need to fly. Considering how tough and reliable this camera case is, the price is very reasonable.


  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Good building materials


  • The bulk and capacity are not fit

9. Manfrotto Reloader Tough L55 case for camera

Manfrotto Reloader Tough L55 is designed to make carrying a lot of equipment easy. And as you can see from its name, it is a tough protector. The interior is large enough for two cameras with plenty of accessories and accessories. The dimensions are L 22 inches, W 14.8 inches and D 8.9 inches. Cushion interior is included and you can adjust the Velcro dividers to suit your needs.

No need to worry about weight. Even when loaded with gears, you can easily travel using wheels and expandable handles. It is made for a moving life, so the wheels are big and safe and small enough for hand luggage.

The price of this one is a bit high but spacious and safe. It is not at the top of the list, but Manfrotto is a trusted brand, and this camera frame is perfectly workable.


  • Lots of good handles everywhere
  • Tripod attachment
  • Great sturdy zippers
  • Fits lots of gear


  • Pricy
  • you need a smaller bag anyway for smaller stuff

10. Vault by Pelican – v525 Case with Padded Dividers for Camera

The Vault by Pelican – v525 Case with Padded Dividers for Camera is made of heavy-duty hinges, nail-tough hasps and a high-impact polymer shell. The durable case withstands the weather, drops, kicks, throws, abrasion, dust, and baggage mishandlers. For hard use and providing high-impact protection, the Vault by Pelican series of rolling cases is the most rugged and secure in its class. Moreover, the Pelican V525 Vault rolling case has quiet rolling stainless-steel ball-bearing wheels and an extension handle for easy transport. In addition, it meets the maximum airline carry-on size requirements.

The new roller frame has a set of strong protective features at a price that adventurers/travel photographers can afford. One of its key features is its shatterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof structure. Additionally, two-button latches provide secure closure and easy access. The heavy case handles are also ergonomic and withstand harsh conditions. It’s also an integrated collapsible extension handle.

In addition, the V525 case has interior dimensions of 19.9×10.6×7.3 inches and exterior measurements of 22.0×14.0×9.0 inches. It weighs in at 11.5 pounds.


  • Rugged protection
  • Comes with padded dividers
  • Telescoping tow handle
  • Large top handle
  • Large side handle


  • the extendable handle just flops around and feels flimsy like it’s going to break

5 Best travel cases for camera

Here, you need to consider how difficult your travels may be. For example, suppose you are exploring rugged and remote locations. In this case, you may want features such as a pocket for a water bladder or several water bottles, weather-resistant materials and tear-resistant materials, and extra storage space for non-photographic equipment. Very strong cushions, an internal frame for the structure, and external connection points may also be valuable. On the other hand, if you travel more in the cities, something less powerful with less extra room and special features may be enough for your needs.

  • WANDRD PRVKE travel case for cameraBest expensive

  • Morally Toxic Wraith

  • Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13 V2Best overall

  • Billingham Eventer MKII travel case for camera

  • Tenba Skyline 13 travel case for cameraBest price

1. WANDRD PRVKE travel case for camera

This bag is a relatively lightweight and versatile camera backpack with a streamlined design that can still hold a ton of gear. We think it’s the perfect companion for taking your camera on the road.  It is Waterproof, Backpack shaped, and lightweight.


  • Durable, waterproof build
  • Multi-use, versatile bag
  • Lots of organization pockets for personal items


  • The Camera cube is not included

2. Morally Toxic Wraith

Thanks to a detachable carrying strap and two alternative sets of fastening loops, the Morally Toxic Wraith works equally well as a shoulder or sling bag, giving it a bit of a split personality. A far cry from uniform black, it has a distinctive look in onyx, emerald and sapphire colour scheme options, along with innovative design flourishes and impeccable build quality. All in all, it has the edge over many competitors. For carrying your camera kit and daily essentials in style, and with ample protection, the Wraith is as good as it looks.


  • Available in medium and large sizes
  • Useful pockets, laptop & tablet slot
  • Rugged yet stylish construction


  • Double-deck divider can be fiddly
  • Front flap fasteners a bit insecure

3. Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13 V2

Photographers love the Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag. Of course, this camera bag is an archetype. With a combination of simple yet stylish style, plenty of interior space and FlexFold dividers that let you personalize your interior, Everyday Messenger 13 V2 is a quality that the vast majority of photographers can use for years. As mentioned, FlexFold splitters allow you to customize the interior to your liking, creating a secure, padded slot for your cameras and lenses. This works well with most settings. A small camera may need more shaking to make sure it does not rotate around, but it is perfectly fine. There is a sleeve for a 13-inch laptop and plenty of pockets for accessories. Open and close the main compartment via a flap that uses the “MagLatch” Peak Design system for added security. It wins a bag across the board.


  • capacity
  • Easy to organize


  • Bad divider quality

4. Billingham Eventer MKII travel case for camera

The Billingham Eventer MKII has a hand-crafted, heritage look that’s just beautiful to look at and beautifully put together, too. Its tall, briefcase style dimensions make it easy to carry and pack away, but while it does allow for longer lenses it means you’ll probably have to double-stack a lot of your kit. Despite its many clever design touches, the Eventer MKII lacks smaller compartments and pockets for cables, cards and batteries, and it’s a little narrow for a pro DSLR or a camera with a grip fitted. And then, of course, there’s the price, puts it out of reach of most photographers. On paper it can be hard to see what’s so special about the Eventer MKII, but it all comes together when you use it.


  • Well-designed
  • Hand-crafted finish
  • Massive front pockets
  • Slick and simple to use


  • Long cameras will be a squeeze
  • Not Affordable

5. Tenba Skyline 13 travel case for camera

The stylish and upgraded Skyline 13 Tenba is a great messenger bag to zip in the city with camera equipment. It can hold a mirrorless camera or DSLR with 3-5 lenses, and it can also hold a 13-inch laptop in its own pocket. All of this equipment is also weather-resistant thanks to its durable, waterproof fabric (which Tanba is confident enough to avoid rain cover), and several additional useful features such as carrying handles and extra zippers. has it. Enclosures for luck and the end. The internal separators are adjustable, but only partially thanks to the limited level of adhesive tape, which is a bit embarrassing, but it is still a great and stylish bag for the price and worth picking up.


  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Affordable


  • Limited customization potential

In conclusion

Whether you are outside or inside, safeguarding your camera gear with the right frame is significant. While packs, action camera protectors, and rucksacks are perfect for conveying visual gear, some of the time you want unbending security found exclusively in a hard waterproof camera case. Measure your cameras and take a gander at the details of the casings to ensure all that you really want fits without any problem. Froth additions might should be cut or torn in punctured areas, and the segment walls should be positioned. In any case, with a couple of changes, the best camera outline keeps generally your gear protected and organized.

No sound on iPhone 2022: Why and how to fix it?

In the role of iPhone owners, people need to focus more on the websites providing guidance and “how to fix” posts since this smartphone is more complicated and sensitive compared with its Android rivals. Having no sound on iPhone is one of those predicaments a user can encounter, no matter if you have no sound on iPhone videos, texts, or even calls.

Whenever the members of a family stop talking with each other, the house resembles a dark, desolate castle. Getting bored with having a “dumb” iPhone? Here, we will see how we should approach these questions;

  1. Why is there no sound on iPhone?
  2. Why is there no sound on my iPhone videos?
  3. How to fix an iPhone no sound on text?
  4. How to fix an iPhone no sound on calls?
  5. How to fix having no sound on iPhone videos?

Why is there no sound on iPhone?

The principle of “being soundless” is a broad term that needs to be divided into several subclasses, so you need to narrow your “why is there no sound on my iPhone” question in order to get proper help. By default, we need to hear a sound (in the form of a notification) from our iPhone to get an alert about these tasks;

  • Incoming calls
  • Texts
  • Watching videos

Although each section needs to be considered carefully to find the culprit, the main etiologies for having no sound on iPhone can be lowered speakers, disabled sound notification option(s), or having a vicious cycle as a bug in our software. We will review each part in a specific paragraph.

No sound on iPhone video

The in-built microphones of your phone allow you to record lovely moments to see and reminisce on them later in your life. But this can be failed because of an unknown problem. In another scenario, you can’t hear any sound while you are watching media on social platforms. Why is there no sound on my iPhone? Four main causes can enforce your device having no sound on iPhone video;

  1. Glitches: the applications available on App Store are committed to functioning well on customers` devices, but sometimes bugs and viruses can affect their performance. This will make the application unstable and unable to play your video with its entire details.
  2. Update error: all devices need to undergo a software overhaul, and so does your iPhone. If your device was abandoned to get the fresh codes from the internet, it might have trouble with displaying no sound when necessary.
  3. Microphone error: your phone’s speaker is vulnerable to damage over time, so there is a chance that your phone has not recorded the sound in the first place or just can’t display it now for you.
  4. Social media-related issues: if you are okay with watching your videos on your local memory but fail to do the same job on your social media, you should not blame your phone for it. Make sure all social platform settings are intact, or the file you are viewing is not broken or uploaded defectively.

iPhone no sound on text

Living with an iPhone no sound on text can be miserable for any iOS user. If your device shows no notification for new SMS or iMessage, or you aren’t just getting text message sound alerts on your iPhone, these methods can be helpful;

  • Check your notification settings for messages

For a person with an “iPhone no sound on text” error, the first step is to check the settings available for message notification. Also, you need to make sure that the Messages app is permitted to show your notifications on the Lock Screen or Notification Center. To check the settings;

  1. Open your “Settings” app and go to Notifications > Messages
  2. Next, check the “Allow Notification” open and make sure it is green.
  3. Now, check the boxes for “Lock Screen,” “Notification Center,” and “Banners” so that they are correct.
  4. Click on “Sounds” and choose a loud-voice tone for your alerts.
  5. If you are not able to see the actual message content on iPhone Lock Screen, select “Show Previews” and choose the “Always” option.
  • The person is mute

If you mute a contact on your iPhone, their texts will not be associated with an alert sound. To fix this;

  1. Open your Messages app and navigate through your conversations.
  2. If you see a conversation with a gray slashed bell icon, swipe left on it.
  3. Finally, click on the purple-white bell icon to unmute this chat.
  • Maybe the person is blocked

If you have forgotten the reason why you blocked the person, let’s forgive them and start a new relationship. To unblock a contact on your iPhone, follow these steps;

  1. Open the “Settings” app and select “Messages.”
  2. Click on “Blocked Contacts.”
  3. If you see the guy here, swipe left on their name or number and tap “Unblock.”
  • Turn off the Unknown Senders filter

The iPhone series allows users to mute any call or text from unknown people. If you enable this feature, you might miss a few meaningful text notifications in rare cases. To fix this problem;

  1. Go to “Settings” and navigate “Messages.”
  2. Open the “Unknown & Spam” section.
  3. Turn off “Filter Unknown Senders.”
  • Turn off Silent Mode

Consider that new texts won’t have a notification tone after you put your iPhone in silent mode. Furthermore, the “Do Not Disturb” option will not allow your phone to vibrate or play a sound for new texts, resulting in an iPhone no sound on text. By default, iOS 15 has Focus modes that let you configure which apps and people you want to allow notifications from. So if you are using one of them and hearing no sound on iPhone, you should turn them off.

  • Enable “Notify Me”

If you were receiving too many notifications from iMessage groups, and thus you muted the conversion, you can keep your alertness and peace simultaneously by enabling the “Notify Me” option. To do it, go to your Settings > Messages and turn on “Notify Me.” Now, you will just receive notifications when someone mentions you in a muted conversation.

  • Apple watch dilemma

For those people owing an Apple watch, having no sound on iPhone is a common complaint. If you have enabled text notifications on your Apple Watch, it may not show them on the iPhone or play the tone. Make sure your phone and Apple watch are using the latest iOS system. Moreover, you need to turn off text notifications on the Apple Watch from the Watch app.

  • Restart/Upgrade your phone

All the above methods may fail to give a handful hand, so you need to train your hand once more. In this case, restart your iPhone or ensure your device uses the latest software version.

IPhone no sound on calls

The main reason a person needs to buy a mobile phone is to be accessible at any location and to get calls from the people they need to talk with them. Maybe you have already missed a call from your boss or an invitation to a friend’s party just because your iPhone did not successfully do its job well. To fix the “iPhone no sound calls” issue, five solutions are made here;

  • Clear any blockage of the iPhone receiver

In some cases, your speaker is filled with dirt or dust, or your new phone cover has just blocked the output pathway of the speaker. As a result, you can clean the speaker opening with a soft, clean bristled brush or remove any barrier (like screen protector or phone cover) to make the speaker more relieved.

  • Increase the volume if the phone sound is low

The iPhone smartphones are still accompanied by traditional manual sound buttons, though they have experienced more than one technological revolution. Since the side sound buttons are projected from the main frame, any unconscious hand or finger can touch them unintentionally, making the iPhone no sound on calls. To prevent happening again, you need to check the main sound level on your phone periodically.

  • Turn off your Bluetooth or disconnect your headsets from your iPhone

Nowadays, most iPhone headsets are wireless, so there is no white and long wire to get your attention while they are connected to your device. Make sure that nothing is plugged into your iPhone’s headphone jack or dock connector. If you use a wireless headset, always check your Bluetooth has been disabled after you have finished working with them.

  • Check your network or reception

If you still hear no sound on iPhone, even after turning on the speaker phone, then your network strength or reception could be the issue. In this case, you need to reset your network settings and try calling again from a different location. Follow these steps;

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Go to “General”
  3. Click on the “Reset” tab
  4. Choose the “Reset network settings” option
  • Restart your phone

As I mentioned before, some minor glitches can lead to the “no sound on iPhone” problem; however, the good news is these glitches usually will be removed once you restart your iPhone. If none of the previous methods unknot your issue, maybe it is time to run the fifth one.

How to fix no sound on iPhone?

Each “Calls” and “Text” department has its own causes and solutions while we hear no sound on iPhone due to any of them. However, in some cases, we have made a mistake in measuring the dimensions of the problem, which is deeper than we thought before.

The last and somehow “the most definite” solution for all these issues can be updating your system, especially when you have forgotten to do it for a long time. Like us humans, smartphones also need to upgrade their skills and knowledge in order to overcome incoming challenges and software malfunctions.

How to fix no sound on iPhone videos?

Why is there no sound on my iPhone videos while watching media offline or online? For the people not being to listen to their internal memory media files, these methods are accessible to help;

  • Ensure your microphone is not disabled or lowered

Just, as usual, some guys forget to turn on their microphone/speaker either when they want to start recording to watching it later. If you are a member of that oblivious population, maybe you need a reminder.

  • Move the video to a different phone or your PC/laptop

To rule out the defectiveness of your video, take it to a different smartphone or your PC/laptop and play it again. If you see the same problem, your file has lost its audio binary codes and needs repairing.

  • Check your sound settings

Take a step further and check all sound settings on your device. To do that, open your “Settings” app and navigate to “Sounds” or “Sounds and Haptics” in the older iPhone version. Now you can see a collection of sound options and level indicators to adjust your ringtones and alert sounds.

  • Clean your headset jack

If the “no sound on iPhone” problem is only present when you use your headsets, maybe the cleaning time of your headset jack has just arrived. If the dust accumulation in your iPhone jack is creating an illusion of plugged-in earphones, the device will show a headphone icon on the top. If you see it, take the cover of your phone out and clean all remained dust and dirt on the surface.

  • Turn off your Do Not Disturb (DND) feature

If your DND option is enabled, you can test the condition by turning it off and viewing the result. To do that, go to your “Settings” app, and look for the “Do Not Disturb” tab on the screen.

  • Soft reset your iPhone

Finally, the last method is software updating. Accumulated data and cache on your phone may bulk it over time, causing your iPhone to misbehave. In this way, you need to be patient and hopeful to have your issue resolved unless you need to visit an official Apple support office for a full phone checkup.


Most sound-associated problems on iPhone (or other) smartphones are software-related, so there is no need to panic or look for a technician to do surgery on your phone. Why is there no sound on my iPhone? All you need to resolve it is to locate the blamed partition, look for the main cause, and fix it according to the guide above. For getting more information, visit the official Apple support website or search for your answer in public communities.

Everything about ladder life insurance (Reviews and Policies)

All of us have experienced moments in which we need a great helping hand from someone out of the hole, and sometimes we were deserved to reach it. These modern helpers -I mean, insurance companies- are now tasked to cover almost anything you can find on the planet, from your station car and your pet animals to the giants like oil carriers and luxury ships.

In this text, we are going to introduce a “lifesaver” insurance company and find an answer to these questions;

  • The definition of ladder life insurance
  • Ladder life insurance reviews
  • Ladder life insurance quotes
  • An efficient method to buy ladder life packages

What is ladder life insurance?

Ladder life is a novice insurance corporation founded in 2015 by Jack Dubie, Jamie Hale, Laura Hale, and Jeff Merkel in Palo Alto, California. The best feature of Ladder is its “life insurance,” which contains high-tech software technology to provide life insurance for customers and investors. With more than 38 million people covered and more than $37 billion in coverage, Ladder life insurance has beaten many of its rivals in the competition.

Ladder life insurance policies

Ladder life insurance policies are written under Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York, and Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America. However, you can see the Ladder’s supporting coverage in more than 50 states of the US. Two chapters of Ladder life insurance policies are too important, so we have explained them here;

  1. Term life insurance

Term life insurance is designated by Ladder to provide support for your family after you pass away. In this program, you are free to choose a 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, or 30-year term and get coverage up to age 70. If you pass away throughout this term, your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit, and you can get up to $3 million in coverage without a medical exam. On the other hand, you will never receive a payout if you die after the policy ends.

  1. Riders

Riders are a kind of add-on option that help you customize your insurance strategy. Many life insurance companies offer riders that allow you to consider additional coverage for your children, educational grants, and waive premiums if you become disabled. Note that if you want to personalize your coverage with riders, Ladder life is not the right choice for your decision.

Ladder life insurance Pros

Ladder life is an insurance company full of good and positive features, which can tickle your appeal to register for their packages. The most significant advantages are;

  1. Up to $8 million in coverage

With ladder life, you are able to support your family from $100,000 as of the lowest margin up to $8 million at the peak.

  1. Almost no medical exam is required

Although there are many no-medical-exam life insurance providers better than ladder life, it comes to the top of the line when we consider the speed of the process as our criteria. Based on Ladder life policies, if you apply for $3 million in coverage or less, you will get a 100% digital process without any medical examination.

  1. Ladder life insurance quotes

Ladder life is one of the most flexible supporting companies when we go to the cashier. More after, you can easily step down your coverage or increase it at any time you want.

Ladder life insurance Cons

Like other companies, ladder life is not representative of Utopia, so we also have to weigh the disadvantages we can experience while applying for coverage. The main cons of Ladder life insurance are listed here;

  1. No riders are available

As previously explained, there are no riders in Ladder life, so you cannot customize your policy or have access to accelerated death benefits with Ladder Life Insurance.

  1. Age limit

Ladder life is sensitive to the age of customers trying to apply for the first time. In this case, you have to be 60 or younger to have permission to enter the related community. Moreover, you cannot choose a term that will run past age 70. If you’re 60 and applying for life insurance from Ladder, you will be limited to a 10-year term.

  1. Expensive term coverage

As I said, Ladder has a flexible payoff plan for its customers and appliers, but these people should also have a flexible money pocket to pay the Ladder life insurance quotes as well. Based on statistics, Ladder’s rates are almost higher than 90% of the other life insurance providers we collected quotes for.

  1. No conversion feature for the coverage term

Since Ladder Life doesn’t offer any permanent life insurance coverage, you have no choice but to convert your term coverage to whole life or universal life insurance policy later.

In the following sections, the Ladder life insurance reviews will be quickly skimmed.

Ladder life insurance reviews

When we come to Ladder life insurance reviews, it can be like a nice yacht surfing on a blue ocean. Ladder life BBB rating is A+ for its reputation and customer experience. Due to plenty of positive feedback, Ladder life has gained a Trustpilot rating of 9, which is a great gift given by the customers.

Ladder life insurance AM Best Financial Rating is A, in which the company’s trustworthiness and value are appraised. Furthermore, Ladder life has partnered with an A+ rated insurance company, Allianz Life Insurance Corporation of New York, due to which customers see it as a reliable national insurance provider.

Ladder Life insurance coverage types

As you know, when it comes to life insurance, it pays to start as early as you can, like in your 20s. Getting life insurance is less expensive at this age because, generally, young adults are less at risk of bad health conditions. Therefore, premiums are typically higher for older individuals. Some factors are important in life insurance costs, such as Ladder life insurance quotes;

  • Age: the younger you are, the less expensive insurance you will get.
  • Gender: In this case, women have a longer life expectancy than men, so they often pay less for life insurance than men.
  • Health history: your past and present health level will be measured by the life insurance companies, and you will pay less if you are healthier.
  • Coverage amount: obviously, a higher coverage amount costs more for the customers.
  • Term: you have to pay more if you want to be covered for a longer-term.

For example, a $100,000 policy with a 10-year coverage has only to pay $9.55 per month ($1146 for the entire term). On the other side, a $500,000 policy with the same year of coverage is tasked to pay $17.25 per month (only $2070 for the whole term).

Ladder life insurance buying guide

Applying for an insurance plan from Ladder life is too straightforward; all you need is to visit on the internet, sign up if necessary, enter your basic information and family details, and finally choose the Ladder life insurance plan which you think is the best for you. You can see an option named “learn” on the top-right corner of the main screen, which is present to teach you the life insurance guide, as well as the “Laddering” feature and insurance calculating.

The black “Price Me” button will take you through a five-minute survey and get your information for further advice. More after, you can enjoy the “Laddering down” feature, which helps you calculate how much cash you will save by Laddering down once a year. For example, if you apply for a 10-year term with a coverage of $1 million coverage and pay monthly $300 as a premium, you can save a total of more than $8000 during the term. This will increase to more than $64000 for a 30-year, $3 million coverage with the same payoff plan.


Nowadays, having an insurance plan seems more crucial than getting a full-time job for your family. Therefore, according to the market size, many life insurance provider companies are working throughout the country, with various plans and prices.

To summarize what we talked about Ladder life, we can say that this is a great company for those seeking a high coverage term and wealthy enough to handle Ladder life insurance quotes. However, note that due to close national competition, today’s Ladder life position can be taken by any rival in the future.

Top dad jeans brands to buy in 2022 (Men and Women)

In spite of their origins as work wears, jeans are the foundation of modern fashion and style. All generations, eras, and subcultures have been defined by the fit of their jeans, and jeans are constantly evolving – from the loose-fitting models of the ’70s and loose-fitting models that have long been popular with skaters to the golden age of tight-fitting jeans. , Freer cuts that now dominate the denim landscape. And while having options is always good, too much can complicate your quest for the perfect match. Some jeans fit snugly around your thighs, but feel tight around your hips. Some of them have a unique cut that looks great on the models in the product photo, but does not work in everyday life. However, it’s worth the effort to find your favorite pair: great jeans will ultimately be one of the best things in your closet.

What Are Dad Jeans?

If you have not keep up with this style trend yet, you should know that dad jeans are a nod to the denim that men (fathers) wore throughout the Eighties and Nineties. They often paired it with New Balance, or a similar pair of chunky sneakers.

According to observations made by the fashion specialists, they are light blue, loose and have a longer waist. These jeans usually do not go beyond the ankle. Many of them are conical, so they narrow towards the ankle, but maintain their fit.

Although they were one of the main paternal jeans a few decades ago, the best paternal jeans are still in the “soft” style today – basically medium-sized clothes inspired by middle-aged and practical people. Simple pieces that once seemed tasteless now have a place in fashion.

How to style dad jeans?

There are numerous methods to style dad jeans. You can wear them with a pair of Converse, chunky athletic sneakers to maintain its vintage appeal, or even opt for sandals like Birkenstocks. Some celebs, like Tyler, the Creator cuff their dad jeans. Other celebs, like Barack Obama, famously just wore them, well, as is. Depending on your preference of style and fit, you can style dad jeans with hoodies, cardigans, tees, or blazers. This was how to style dad jeans.

Top 5 dad jeans to buy

While shopping for the best daddy jeans online, we recommend choosing a model that is more comfortable and also safer. Choosing a longer waist or more fit will make your body stand out without losing comfort. The form of jeans is always a little unstructured. Below, we have collected the classic and up-to-date father jeans to wear now and all year round. Invest in a pair because they will always be useful and also stylish at times. Here we introduce you to Top 5 dad jeans to buy for men:

  • Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Style Shrink-to-Fit dad pantsBest expensive

  • AE Dad Jeans

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Hampton Relaxed Straight Fit Jeans

  • Carhartt Relaxed Fit Tapered Leg JeanBest price

  • Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Cotton JeanBest overall

1.Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Style Shrink-to-Fit dad pants

You’re not a regular dad; you’re a cool dad. At least that’s what everyone will say when you show up rocking these super high-rise jeans from American icon Levi’s. Levi’s is the undisputed authority for all things denim-related, so it should come as no surprise that the 168-year-old jean juggernaut has the best option for those looking to nail the dad jeans trend without looking dumpy.


  • Affordable
  • Very decent jeans for the price
  • Nice cut


  • Could be lighter weight

2. AE Dad Jeans

American Eagle is known for creating durable denim that is both comfortable and stylish. This pair comes in a black wash that’s chic and modern. They come in a classic 90s fit and have extra level durability by including a handmade finish.


  • The fit is excellent with the little bit of stretch allowing you to have a slimmer profile without being too tight
  • They look sharp and modern


  • Jeans came with a chemical smell
  • It can be said that if these are regular rise they are on the low end of regular

3. Polo Ralph Lauren Hampton Relaxed Straight Fit Jeans

This option from Polo Ralph Lauren features a neutral wash that complements many aesthetics. Featuring extra legroom for a comfy and loose fit, these jeans sit slightly below the waist with a relaxed rise, an easy fit through the seat and the thigh, and a full straight leg. They also feature a Polo Ralph Lauren leather patch on the back upper right of the jeans.


  • Machine washable dad pants
  • Enough pockets


  • length almost needs to be hemmed

4. Carhartt Relaxed Fit Tapered Leg Jean

Carhartt creates effortless and durable work wear that doubles as casual wear and these jeans are no exception. The classic five-pocket style denim lovers know well sits at the natural waist and features reinforced belt loops for dependable wear. Available in two classic washes, these jeans even come in big and tall sizing, ensuring as many men can rock them as possible.


  • Well made so that can serve for years


  • Not suitable for dating and party

5. Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean

This modern option from Urban Outfitters features a sleek yet baggy look in a light wash that’s on-trend. Made from 100% cotton denim cut in a relaxed fit with a slightly tapered leg opening, these dad jeans feature classic five-pocket detailing and a zip fly with button waist closure.


  • Low price while good quality


  • Cheaply made in some models

Top 5 dad jeans for women

There are a wide range of options, all of which seem as appropriate as the next option, but the fact is that not all products are made the same from every particular brand. When you shop regularly, you learn that many brands do some things better than others. The list of top 5 dad jeans for women that follows is as comprehensive as possible to make the chances of choosing your jeans.

  • Levi’s Wedgie dad style JeansBest expensive

  • EVERLANEBest overall

  • ASKET dad pantsBest price

  • SCOTCH & SODA dad pants

  • GAP Cropped Straight Jeans with GapFlex

1.Levi’s Wedgie dad style Jeans

This dad jeans for women offers a “natural rise that hits right at your belly button, so it’s high, but not too high,” explains Bird founder Jennifer Mankins. She adds: These have that old 501s feel, but with a more generous cut. Madewell’s head of design, Joyce Lee, seconds this, saying that the slight stretch in the Wedgies makes them more appealing to our modern sensibilities around fit. Hailey Rizzo, the blogger behind Feeling Good As Hail, echoed those sentiments in our guide to mom jeans, in which these were the most recommended pair as well: The Wedgies don’t leave you with that unflattering flat look that made mom jeans much mocked.


  • Very cheeky
  • 99% cotton, 1% elastane


  • Rare to find different colors of the same cut


The only denim with a shifting life span, the beauty of a pair of selvedge jeans is that they evolve with you they’ll pick up your creases, the shape of your wallet and even the model of your phone, softening more and more over time. In a mid-blue wash, these jeans from Everlane are cut in a slim-fit, but the more you wear them, the more you-shaped they’ll become.


  • A cool new take on the classic fleece pullover


  • Nothing reported

3.ASKET dad pants

Are you looking for those dad jeans for women that melt to your body and look better after each wash? Well, this model is one of them. Cut from Japanese raw denim and expertly sewn in Italy, these are premium, game-changing jeans at a fraction of the cost.


  • Nice cut


  • Nothing reported

4.SCOTCH & SODA dad pants

For those looking to branch outside of their denim comfort zone, this pair from Scotch & Soda dad jeans for women offers something a little different. In a distressed design with a playful twist, these tapered-fit jeans are ripped at the knee and repaired by tonally-embroidered four-leaf clovers, bringing not only style, but good fortune to your seasonal ensembles.


  • Girlish
  • Soft


  • Flashy

5.GAP Cropped Straight Jeans with GapFlex

This classic cropped option from GAP combines authentic cotton denim and GapFlex stretch technology for total comfort with extra flexibility. A staple of the San Francisco-based brand, these have a more modern look designed to go with just about anything in your closet. This model fits straight through the leg and thigh, with a slight taper towards the ankle. It’s a roomy fit that’s breathable and built for long days of wear.


  • Stylish and the one you never get tired of


  • High priced for a jean

In conclusion

In this article we learned more about dad pants and how to style dad jeans. This trend jeans sit higher on the waist than the typical cut of jeans. You feel more relaxed through the thigh and tapered and loose from the knee down. There are different brands in the market and the top ones introduced above. stay with us!

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