How to make a group chat on iPhone 2022? (Full Guide)

Have you ever heard the name of group text iphone or group messaging iphone? If you are wondering how to make a group chat on iphone, you are not alone because there is no exact button that helps you make a group chat on iphone. But do not worry, this text is written for those who want to know how to create a group text on iphone. So keep reading until the end.

How to make a group chat on iPhone?

When you are here, it means you are looking for the answer to the “how to create a group text on iphone” question, which I will tell you here, in the simplest way. Follow the below steps and reach your group messaging iphone goal.

  • First, check your internet connection, and make sure that your iMessage is on.
  • Tap on your Message app, and choose the New Message icon on the right side above your screen.
  • There, you will see a “To” section, where you should choose all the names you want to add to your group text iphone.
  • Now, write a message like always and tap on send.
  • That is finished, you have made your first group messaging iphone.

How to make a group chat on iPhone with android users?

The most interesting point about group messaging iphone is that you can make a group message with Android users, and instead of iMessage (blue bubble), use SMS/MMS (green bubble). Just pay attention, if you want to make a group chat on iphone with Android users, you should add all users at first because after you finish creating a group, you can not add or remove anyone.

Types of group chats on iPhone

Now that you know a bit about group messaging iphone, and how to create a group text on iphone, you have to know that there are three different types of group text iphone, such as iMessage, MMS, and SMS. This is a trick of the iPhone to help its users have the best experience of group chat. For example, if you and others who want to make a group chat with them on your iPhone have iMessage settings turned off, your phone will automatically send everything to MMS or SMS group.

How to join a group chat on iPhone?

There is no way that you can use it to join a group text iphone. The only possible way, which is just available for iOS users, is to ask one of your friends, who has previously joined the group, to add you to that specific group messaging iphone. To learn more about how to add members to a group text iphone, read the next paragraphs.

Why can’t I name a group messaging iPhone?

After that you learned how to make a group chat on iphone, you might like to change the name of the picture of your group. To do so, just follow the below steps:

  • Tap on your Messages app.
  • Open the group messaging iphone, and choose the little arrow on the right side of the number of group members.
  • Now, choose the info icon.
  • Tap on the “Enter a Group Name” icon, and write your favorite name)
  • But if you can’t change the group name, that would be because your conversation is not a group iMessage or one of the group members is not using iMessage.

How to text a large group on iPhone?

If you are an iOS user who is looking for a way to text a large group of iPhone users, you should know that the only and the best way is to use group messaging iphone. If you do not know how to create a group text on iphone, read the above paragraphs and learn about the details of a group text iphone. 

How to add members to group text iPhone?

As I have mentioned in the “How to join how to make a group chat on iphone?” paragraph, now I want to explain how you can add a person to your group text iphone.

  • In your Message section, choose the group chat you want to add someone to.
  • Tap on the title of your mentioned group.
  • There, you can see a label that notes the number of current members. Tap it and choose “Add Contact”.
  • Now, select the name of the contact you want to add to this group messaging iphone and choose “Done”.

How to silence notifications on a group messaging iPhone?

Now that you know the basics of how to create a group text on iphone, one of the most important details, which you might ask about is how to silence notifications on a group messaging iphone. If you do not know how to mute a group messaging iphone, just follow the below steps and do it in a few minutes.

  • On your Messages app, choose the group chat you like to silence notifications.
  • Go through the “Names” part above your group chat and tap on “Info” in the drop-down menu.
  • Go down and find “Hide Alerts”. Toggle it on the right, and silence notifications.

How to leave a group text iPhone?

Sometimes, one of your friends, roommates, or anyone else adds you to a group text iphone, which you do not like to be a part of. In this case, you can follow some simple steps and leave that group messaging iphone.

  • Again go to the “Messages app” and tap on the group chat you want to leave.
  • Above the group chat, tap on the “Names” and then choose “Info”.
  • Now choose the “Leave this Conversation” button and then confirm it.


If you are an iOS user, who is looking for a way to send a message to a large group of people, you can simply create a group text on your iphone and add the people you like to receive your message to this group. If you do not know how to create a group text on iphone, read the above text and learn more about the details of group messaging iphone.

AICPA Pitches Alterations to Tax Standards and Forms

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) pitched a set of revisions to its Statements on Standards for Tax Services (SSTSs). They also sent the recommended revisions to the IRS separately. The recommendations were to revise the virtual currency question and instructions on Form 1040, requesting it to not be switched to the term “digital asset.”

The changes pitched to the SSTSs include alterations to the current SSTSs along with the three new standards and remarks on the entire issue of quality management and tax. Furthermore, the changes aim at the current and future needs of AICPA members with high ethical standards. 

Jan Lewis, the Tax Executive Committee Chair of the AICPA said in a statement that changing the standards is a great step forward to improving services offered by the members of AICPA so they are perceived as the best providers of tax services. 

The AICPA has requested to make the remarks by December 31, 2022. The comments can be made via an online form or email to The SSTS document will be changed based on the comments and will be approved by May 31, 2023, effective from Jan 1, 2024. 

The AICPA also submitted its comments to the IRS separately regarding the virtual currency question on 2021 Form 1040 along with the draft 2022 Form 1040. According to the draft, the IRS is looking forward to changing the question from “virtual currency” to “digital asset.”  Currently, the question is “At any time in 2021, did you happen to sell, receive, exchange, or dispose of a financial interest in either of the virtual currencies?” Next tax season, the IRS has changed it to “At any time last year (then 2022), did you happen to: (a) receive/accept (any compensation, award, or reward); or (b) exchange, gift, sell, or dispose of a digital asset (or a financial interest)?”

Quite possibly the question could be interpreted as a question related to the purchase of other types of cryptocurrency such as NFTs. AICPA’s request is to get clarification on the question before the 2022 tax forms are finalized. This will help taxpayers comply with the question and report for virtual currency. 

It is requesting the IRS to explain the meaning of virtual currency and recommends the IRS change the meaning of virtual currency as described in the first part of Form 1040. The AICPA wants further clarification on whether all the terms “store of value,” “unit of account,” and “medium of exchange” need to be present on the form or if just one is sufficient. 

According to AICPA, all the terms should be defined and any asset with the “characteristics of virtual currency” should be dismissed because it’s not a part of the IRS’ official and binding guidance. Annette Nellen, from the AICPA Virtual Currency Task Force, said in a statement that they strongly urge the IRS to consider their recommendations, which will facilitate compliance from taxpayers. 

What You Should Do?

It is going to take some time for the IRS to consider the recommendations. Whatever decision the IRS takes, you as a taxpayer have to pay your taxes on time. For your convenience, you can use crypto tax software such as ZenLedger. This software is designed to meet your crypto tax needs. If you are new to the crypto world and don’t understand how is crypto taxed and how to file taxes, look no further. ZenLedger makes crypto taxation easier and even if you are a seasoned crypto investor/trader with thousands of transactions a year, ZenLedger can handle this quantity with ease. 

The AICPA is taking these steps for the ease of the taxpayer and helping them comply with the IRS. The revisions requested and the clarifications asked by the AICPA might work in the favor of the US taxpayer and provide some explanation to the ever-so-confusing crypto taxation. 


1. What is AICPA?

AICPA or the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is a national professional organization for CPAs or certified public accountants in the US. 

2. Do you have to pay taxes on cryptocurrency in the US?

Yes, you have to pay taxes on cryptocurrency in the US. If you sell the cryptocurrency within a year of buying it, you have to pay short-term capital gains tax. It is usually higher than the long-term capital gains tax. If you hold crypto tokens for more than a year and sell it, here, you will have to pay a long-term capital gains tax.

3. How to avoid crypto tax?

You must not avoid paying the crypto tax as the IRS knows it will be aware of all the transactions. Nevertheless, you could save some taxes by using the tips listed below. 

  • Gifting someone a virtual currency is not a taxable event. However, one must make sure to keep the amount exempted in mind. 
  • Transferring the tokens to another wallet, exchange, or account, as these are not considered a taxable event.
  • Purchasing crypto tokens in USD and only need to pay taxes only when you sell. 
  • If you receive a token in a hard fork, even then it isn’t a taxable event.

To Conclude 

The AICPA is taking these steps for the ease of the taxpayer and helping them comply with the IRS. The revisions requested and the clarifications asked by the AICPA might work in the favor of the US taxpayer and provide some explanation to the ever-so-confusing crypto taxation. 

Fix iPhone home button not working 2022 (100% Working)

The iPhone home button is one of the most important features on your iPhone. It’s how you get to the home screen and launch apps, as well as how you multitask between open windows. As such, it’s pretty frustrating when this part of your phone malfunctions. When you’ve been using your iPhone for a while, and especially after long periods of use, the home button can start to feel less responsive and may even stop working altogether.

This blog post will cover some troubleshooting steps you can take if your iPhone home button is not working.

Why is my home button not working?

There are a few reasons why your home button might not be working. One possibility for why is my home button not working is that the button is simply dirty and needs to be cleaned. Another possibility is that there is a problem with the software on your iPhone and it needs to be updated. Finally, it is also possible that there is a hardware problem with your home button and it needs to be repaired or replaced.

If your home button is not working, the first thing you should try is cleaning it. Sometimes dirt or dust can build up on the button and prevent it from working properly. Keep on reading to find all the fixes to iphone home button not working.

How to fix iPhone home button not working?

There are a few things you can try if your iPhone home button isn’t working properly.

  • First, make sure that the Home button and your finger are clean and dry. If there is any dirt or debris on either, that could be causing the problem.
  • Second, try calibrating the Home button. To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and make sure that the “Calibrate Button” setting is turned on. Once it is, press and hold the Home button for a few seconds. This should recalibrate the button and fix the problem.
  • If this doesn’t work, try restarting your iPhone. This can often solve software-related problems.
  • If restarting your iPhone doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to update the software on your device. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on General > Software Update. If an update is available, tap on Download and Install.
  • If updating your software doesn’t fix the problem, it’s likely that there is a hardware issue with your home button. In this case, you will need to take your iPhone to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider for repair or replacement.For more help troubleshooting common iPhone issues, check out our guide to fixing iOS 10 problems

If neither of those solutions works as a fix to iphone home button not working, you may need to replace the Home button assembly. This is a more involved repair, but it should fix the problem if nothing else does.

How can I use my iPhone without a home button?

There are a few ways that you can use your iPhone without a home button. One way is to use the AssistiveTouch feature. This feature will add a virtual home button to your screen. You can also use Siri to control your phone. There are also some third-party apps that you can use to add a virtual home button to your screen.

Another way to use your iPhone without a home button is to remap the buttons on your phone. You can remap the power button to serve as the home button. There are also some accessibility features that you can use to make it easier to use your phone without a home button.

Overall, there are a few ways that you can use your iPhone without a home button. You can use the AssistiveTouch feature, remap the buttons on your phone, or use some of the accessibility features. By the way if you are an iPhone user, it would e useful for you to read the guide: “How to reset iPhone without password.”


If your iPhone home button isn’t working, there are a few things you can try to fix it. In this guide we have tried to fit in all the fixes to this issue if none of these solutions work, you may need to replace your home button. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit an Apple Store.

How to Edit TikTok Videos on PC?

Popular TikTok editing apps let users add unique effects in addition to creating clips using the built-in editor.

This procedure is necessary since not every user can produce a high-quality clip on their first attempt. Additionally, a wide range of features in specialized programs enables you to considerably decorate your video. A skilled video editor and one of the founders of Chatrandom for iPhone will tell us how to edit videos on PC in this article.

What are built-in TikTok video editors?

The user can use the standard editor’s settings before using other programs. The built-in tools are constantly updated and given new functionality.

Editing elements in TikTok are:

  • Masks. Change the user’s appearance or add animations;
  • Music. Select audio from the list of popular songs;
  • Text. Six fonts, the ability to customize the stroke with the color of your choice;
  • Effects. Changing the hue of the video, adding frames;
  • Trimming part of the clip. A new feature was added in the latest update.

Before you begin filming, the user can use some of the editing components. For instance, masks can be chosen beforehand and altered while recording.

How to edit TikTok videos on PC?

Owners of PC create content for TikTok using the following programs:

  • AVS Video Editor. A multimedia tool that will appeal to beginners and professionals in the field of video editing.
  • Adobe Premier Pro. A professional editor for non-linear editing features a user-friendly interface, a powerful trimming system, and fast integration with Adobe services.
  • VSDC. The program, even in its free version, will help in processing simple videos. Available functions: animation, change color settings, text.

Some of the programs can only be available after purchase. The user can edit a few videos for free during the trial period to test out the features.

How to make a video for TikTok using VSDC:

  1. Download and install the program using the official website.
  2. Open and select “Empty project”.
  3. Drag the video into the editor window.
  4. Select tools “Sound”, “Text”, “Add More Image”.
  5. Specify the size and font for the text and then export.

Next, the user can send the project to a smartphone and publish it on TikTok.

How to improve video quality for TikTok?

There are a few tricks the user can use to improve the video:

  • Change the brightness and color settings. Accessible in any mobile device video editor;
  • Make the video smaller or add a frame;
  • Take advantage of services to improve quality.

For example, Wevideo provides access to settings such as color correction, adding effects, text, and stabilization.

  1. Go to the website and authorize using social networks or register.
  2. Select “Upload Video” and choose a video on your computer.
  3. Wait until the upload is completed.
  4. Move the video to the track that will be placed below.
  5. Click on the clip itself – a drop-down menu appears with the functions “Add effects (FX)”, edit (pencil).
  6. Choose “Edit” – Color.
  7. Specify the desired settings and save them.
  8. Click on Finish and select the quality to save.

But if the video was shot in low light conditions or artifacts appear, it is better to re-shoot it.

The main mistakes in filming and editing

When creating an interesting video for social media, users tend to make a few mistakes:

  • The usage of artificial light. For TikTok, it’s better to shoot if the lighting is natural;
  • Over-editing. Increased sharpness and contrast will be noticeable if the user has added more than necessary;
  • Lack of camera stabilization. TikTok has a function: “Shoot without hands” – the user can activate the mode without holding down the recording buttons;
  • Stickers, distracting text. You need to watch the font size and readability when posting on social media.

When changing the video, we must not ignore the background music. To avoid the social network blocking the video, music must be picked from the list of TikTok’s most popular music.

Four Methods of Boosting Your Conversion Rate with Mobile Marketing

Over the past decade, there has been a huge shift toward mobile access when it comes to browsing online. With the continual advancement of mobile devices, it’s now becoming the leading method of accessing the internet. As of 2020, 61% of website visits come directly from mobile devices, representing an increase from 57% the previous year.

This is a trend that we’re continuing to see advance, with mobile phones being the most used device online. With this in mind, marketing departments around the world are beginning to shift their tactics to directly accommodate for this new wave of access.

Instead of running desktop-focused advertisements or creating websites that are built for desktop usage, businesses are turning to put mobile access before absolutely everything else. To help you keep up with competitors, we’ve outlined the four best mobile marketing tactics that you can employ to help boost conversion rates.

We’ll cover:

  • Baseline Optimization
  • Move To Videos
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Voice Search Optimization

Let’s get right into it.

Baseline Optimization

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of mobile marketing tactics and tips that you should be incorporating into your campaigns, you need to make sure that your company has the basics down. When it comes to mobile browsing, many websites don’t transfer easily from desktop to mobile consumption. Often, moving elements are misaligned, text is unreadable, and pages become extremely long and impossible to navigate.

The first step when turning your marketing campaign to focus on mobile is to ensure that your home website is completely optimized. By going through your website and fixing any visual issues, you’ll be able to create a space that not only works on mobile, but actually looks fantastic.

Considering the vast majority of your users will be accessing your website through mobile, making a big impact on your home site is vital. Before anything else, make sure your website is as optimized as possible, putting mobile users first. 

Alongside just making your site mobile-friendly, you also need to ensure your content provides a great user experience. The vast majority of consumers will click off a webpage if it doesn’t load quickly on their mobile, meaning that backdoor site optimization is also mandatory.

By going through your website and optimizing both the content and the layout of that content, you’ll be able to create a more cohesive user experience. That means that whenever a user comes directly to the homepage, or onto one of your content pieces through any content marketing you’ve done, they’ll be welcomed with the perfect mobile experience.

Get the basics perfected first, then you can move on to the more interactive elements of great mobile marketing. 

Move To Videos

With the rise of mobile marketing efforts, the vast majority of users are now preferring video marketing content to static content. With the rise of fast-paced video consumption through apps like TikTok, users are now accustomed to watching videos. With this in mind, one of the best things you can do to help convert more of your mobile viewers is to turn to video content.

Instead of producing fixed content that users have to read and scroll through, attempt to produce marketing concepts that align with this new mobile age. Create short-form videos that move through the basics of your product of why they’re so effective.

Try to accommodate for mobile users, even posting to social sites which have the largest concentration of mobile users – just like TikTok. Video as a core marketing strategy aligns perfectly with increased mobile use, and will positively impact your conversion rates going forward. 

Text Message Marketing

While email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, text message marketing has become a fantastic method of getting marketing materials out to customers. Typically, text messages have a much higher percentage of users that open them, which means you can really make a positive impact on your marketing if you focus on text message campaigns.

Due to the high open percentage, text message marketing is a great place to offer coupons or other marketing benefits that will help your customers. With this, they’re more likely to engage with your text message and head onto your website. 

Even if you’re continuing on with email marketing, you should make sure that your email signature and content are optimized for reading on mobile. Content can look very different on desktop and mobile, so be sure to use content that works for both. Follow this tutorial of how to add a signature on iPhone if you’re looking for an email signature that will work for you on mobile. 

Email signatures will ensure your company looks professional when online. When optimized for mobile, they are sleek and will fit right into any marketing materials that you’re sending out. Remember, although mobile insinuates a certain level of being casual, you can’t forget about the fundamentals of professionalism – no matter whether you’re using email or text.

Voice Search Optimization

With the rise in usage of mobile phones for browsing, we’re also seeing a steady incline of users searching the internet using voice features like Siri. In fact, 55% of users now use voice searches frequently, demonstrating the need to structure your website to allow for this mobile feature. 

By going into your website’s schema markup, you’ll be able to describe what specific pages are about. With this, you’ll then be able to help search engines have a better idea of what your pages are covering, meaning they’ll be recommended more actively when someone searches through voice.

Additionally, if you build lots of pages that focus on answering questions, then your FAQ format will ensure you catch lots of search terms through voice questions. Typically, when people search on their mobile with voice, it comes in the form of a question, so focusing on producing this content is a great form of content marketing for this new age.

Final Thoughts

Mobile marketing isn’t a new field, but it’s one that’s continuously growing in popularity and importance. Given the trend toward increasing mobile access to the internet, now is the time for your business to get ahead of the curve and begin to focus on producing mobile-friendly content.

From creating a website that is accessible from a mobile device to changing your content strategy to favor production mediums that mobile users prefer, there are a lot of great strategies you can use to increase your conversion rate from mobile marketing. Give the above four tactics a try, and you’ll be well on your way to making mobile your most lucrative marketing stream yet.

Senior Software Engineer Job Description (Salary, Skills, Interview Questions)

Have you ever thought about working as a senior software engineer? If so, you might be interested in working with computers, but that is not enough to choose a job. Here, you need to search more and find out the details of these kinds of jobs, such as how to become a senior software engineer, how much does a senior software engineer make, and how you can perform the best senior software engineer resume? If you would like to find the answer to these questions, read the text below.

Senior Software Engineer Job Description

Before I want to talk about the details of senior software engineer jobs, like their salary or resume, let’s see what this job title means exactly. As a senior software engineer, you should study operations and work on designing, developing, and installing software keys. Also, sometimes you have to manage a team operation to build a new website or support an existing website and develop it more. In this position, you must collaborate with other groups such as development teams, IT management, technical delivery teams, etc to achieve your goals and execute your tasks well.

What is Senior software engineer Level?

Another important point I want to mention is about the Senior software engineer Google level. According to Google’s ranking, senior software engineers are at level 5, which means they have more autonomy and have to take on more responsibilities. At this level, you should bring six to ten years of experience, and you can expect a higher salary than an entry-level engineer in this field. If you like to know how much does a senior software engineer make, exactly, read the next paragraph.

Senior software engineer salary

If you google senior software engineer salary, you will find out that the total money an engineer at this level can make is something about $139,574 in a year. But this amount might change based on different points, like the years of your experience, where you choose to work, and finally your manager’s decision.

Senior software engineer responsibilities

Now that you know about google senior software engineer salary, it is time to talk about the responsibilities you have in this position, such as:

  • Development of high-grade software design and architecture
  • Identifying, prioritizing, and implementing tasks in the software development life process
  • Set tools and applications by assembling clean and efficient code
  • Automate missions through the right tools and programming methods
  • Regular check and fix of code bugs
  • Do verification and confirmation testing
  • Work with many teams and sellers to enhance products quality
  • Control over the development stages of documents and monitoring systems
  • Update software based on the latest technologies

Senior software engineer requirements

While you have read about the google senior software engineer salary and this position’s responsibilities, that is not all. Here, I want to go through the main requirements of this position, such as:

  • Great and extensive experience in this position and as a software developer, project manager, or programmer
  • The knowledge of working with system monitoring tools, like New Relic, or other automatic testing frameworks
  • Also, you should be an expert in using selected programming languages, such as Python, C++, and the Java/J2EE platform
  • A piece of wide knowledge about relational databases, like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB
  • Experience in working with different operating systems, like Linux, Mac OS, Windows
  • And some general skills, like analytical mind, problem-solving talent, independent work ability, administrative and supervisory skills

Senior software engineer interview questions

When you decide to work as a senior software engineer, you should learn how to make a great senior software engineer resume. To reach this goal, I have made a list of the most important questions you might be asked in an interview for a senior software engineer job.

  • “How familiar are you with our organization’s products and services?”
  • “Which specific software engineering trends interest you the most?”
  • “What educational experiences (degrees, certifications) have helped you in your career, and how?”
  • “Can you outline any goals you achieved that have contributed to your career progression?”
  • “If you needed to debug a system of applications, how would you accomplish this?”
  • “Have you ever integrated an Agile framework into your engineering processes?”
  • “Can you describe a time when a lack of efficient collaboration hindered a project? How would you approach this differently in the future?”
  • “Have you ever been accountable for handling several tasks for a project at once? How did you approach the situation?”

Can senior software engineer work from home?

More important than questions about a senior software engineer resume or senior software engineer salary is whether you can work as a senior software engineer from home or not. Here, the absolute answer is yes, like many other engineering jobs, you can work from home and remotely as a software engineer for different companies with decent and even high salaries.

How long does it take to become a senior software engineer?

As I mentioned in different parts of this text, like when I talked about a senior software engineer resume, and senior software engineer requirements, to work in this position, you need a high experience of about 10 years to achieve the necessary skills and abilities. But again this time might differ from person to person because the learning speed of people is not the same.


When you are here, it means you like to know how to become a senior software engineer and need more details about this job like, google senior software engineer salary. Generally speaking, to achieve this position, you need about 10 years of experience and a complicated set of skills in programming and coding. To know more about the details of senior software engineer jobs, read the above text.

Edx Review 2022

Are you looking for a way to improve your professional skills? Check out this Udemy review. Udemy is an online learning platform that offers thousands of courses on a variety of topics. 

The lectures are well-organized and easy to follow, and the quizzes and assignments helped to solidify the concepts that were taught. So, we would highly recommend Udemy as a resource for anyone looking to learn new skills or expand their knowledge base.

Whether you’re interested in business, software development, or creative arts, Udemy has something for you. In this review, we’ll discuss what makes Udemy unique and how it can help you achieve your goals. Stay tuned to learn more!

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. They aim to democratize education by providing a platform for experts of all kinds to create courses on any topic. learners then have access to these courses on any internet-connected device. 

Founded in 2010, Udemy is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Dublin, Ireland, Ankara, Turkey, and São Paulo, Brazil. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 150,000 courses and 37 million students. 

Courses are offered across a wide range of topics including business, entrepreneurship, technology, academics, and creative arts. In addition to courses created by experts, Udemy also offers users the ability to create their own courses. 

These courses can be published and shared with the Udemy community. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or teach others what you know, Udemy is a great option.

What Sorts of Courses Does Udemy Offer?

Udemy is an online learning platform with a wide range of courses available. These include business and entrepreneurship, design, development, marketing, lifestyle, photography, and health and fitness. 

In addition, Udemy also offers courses in languages, academic subjects, and test preparation. With over 55,000 courses available, there is sure to be something for everyone on Udemy. 

Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill for your career or simply want to explore a new hobby, Udemy has you covered. And with flexible course lengths and prices, it’s easy to find a learning option that fits your needs and budget. So why wait? Explore Udemy today and start learning something new. 

Each course is presented to you by professionals in the field, some of whom can accredit or certify your course. You have lifetime access to all of the courses, so you can return to your learning whenever you like or take a break.

Who Is Udemy For?

You might wonder, “Is Udemy the perfect online education option for me?” You are thinking about the best e-learning platform if you are seeking a selection of courses. With categories like “Finance & Accounting” and “Lifestyle,” Udemy has such a wide variety of courses that there is truly no end to what you could learn.

Udemy has everything you need if you’re considering changing careers and learning a new professional skill, like coding, or if you just want to try out a fun new pastime like cake decorating.

You can pick a course that fits your talents and aspirations among its basic to expert levels of instruction. Udemy differentiates itself from rivals like Skillshare or Pluralsight thanks to the variety of its courses. The truth is that Udemy is accessible to everyone, regardless of past expertise.

  • Professionals seeking to improve their abilities
  • People wishing to alter their careers
  • Students seeking extracurricular activities
  • Individuals seeking free courses
  • People that want to release their own courses
  • International students seeking courses in languages other than English.

How Much Does Udemy Cost?

Udemy is an online learning platform with courses taught by expert instructors. It offers courses on a wide variety of topics, from business and technology to personal development and design. 

While Udemy courses are usually very affordable, the price can vary depending on the instructor and the length of the course. Some courses are free, while others can cost up to $200. In general, shorter courses tend to be less expensive than longer ones. 

You can also often find discounts on Udemy courses, especially if you’re willing to wait for a sale. Overall, Udemy is a great value for the money, and its prices are very reasonable compared to other online learning platforms.

Aspects From User Reviews

  • Choice: A wide range of subjects. includes both pastimes and recreation as well as professional training courses in marketing, business, and programming.
  • Cost-effective: Many courses are offered for between $10 and $20.
  • Expert knowledge: Training from professionals who want to impart immediately usable abilities. The selection of courses is not restricted to prestigious colleges and institutions. With tens of thousands of students and stellar reviews, some Udemy instructors are very successful.
  • Direct teaching method: Short introductions are preferred by many users over lengthy ones. Naturally, this depends on the particular learning purpose.
  • Preview: Check out the preview videos to see how the instructor presents. This is a crucial feature that most other course management systems lack.
  • Playback Speed: Adjustable playback speed that is very user-friendly. Appropriate for extended lessons.
  • Languages: Unlike other course sites, Udemy provides instruction in 65 more languages in addition to English (including Chinese and Hindi).

FAQs: Udemy Review

Q 1: Can You trust

A 1: A trustworthy business is Udemy. You can learn new skills or improve existing ones through courses. A certificate of completion is given to each student who completes a course, but it cannot be used to obtain formal accreditation for continuing education units or coursework.

Q 2: Is Udemy Financially Viable?

A 2: Udemy is definitely worthwhile if you’re interested in a subject and are prepared to dedicate yourself to an online course. Cheap and frequently discounted Udemy courses are available. Additionally, finishing an Udemy course demonstrates to potential employers that you are interested in a topic and eager to learn more about it.

Q 3: How Long Are Udemy Courses Valid?

A 3: As long as your account is active and Udemy still has the license to the course you purchased, you will always have access to it.

Q 4: Could I List My Udemy Courses On My Resume?

A 4: On a resume, udemy courses can be listed under education. It is preferable to include specific talents acquired through these courses in the skills section rather than elsewhere. Since it is uncommon to list courses on a resume, make sure they are totally pertinent before doing so.


Udemy is a great learning resource for anyone looking to learn new skills or improve their current ones. With over 65,000 courses available on everything from programming to public speaking, there’s something for everyone. 

The instructors are top-notch and the quality of the courses is excellent. If you’re looking to invest in your education, be sure to check out Udemy. Thanks for reading. 

Mac Is Not Responding? Five Ways to Stop It from Freezing

Mac freezes don’t happen very often, but in some scenarios where too many applications and background processes are running at the same time, the certain app is crashing, the hard drive space is being used up, the disk or RAM has some hardware problems, and the Mac is being attacked by malware, your Mac possibly becomes unresponsive, preventing you from doing anything like usual.

Most commonly, you will find that the apps get stuck in a loop or have no response with a spinning beach ball but you can still move your mouse curse. Or in a rare situation, your Mac becomes frozen completely with an unmovable mouse curse.  

Both cases indicate that your Mac freezes, making it impossible for you to continue your work. So, what can you do to unfreeze your Mac? Just relax and don’t be panicky. In this post, we will introduce some possible solutions to guide you on how to fix frozen Mac without losing work.

What to Do When Mac Freezes?

Method 1 Unfreeze Your Mac by Forcing Quit the Frozen Application

Sometimes, nothing is wrong with the whole macOS but the crashed app causes your Mac to be unresponsive. The good situation is that you can still work with the mouse and keyboard even though you fail to get a response from the single app by clicking its icon or menu. What you see is just the spinning beach ball display on the Mac screen. Under such a circumstance, the frozen Mac issue is specific to the single application you are running instead of your macOS. Thus, forcing quit the frozen program may take effect to unfreeze your Mac.

Step 1 Click the Apple icon from the top navigation bar and select Force Quit from the drop-down menu to open the Force Quit Applications window. If you prefer to use the hotkey, you can take the Command + Option + Escape combination key as an alternative to open this window.     

Step 2 Select the unresponsive program and click Force Quit situated in the lower-right corner of the Force Quit Applications window to close the frozen app.  

Method 2 Unfreeze Your Mac by Forcing Restart It 

If unluckily, you can’t succeed in forcing quit the frozen program, or what’s worse, you spot the whole Mac can’t respond to you anymore, you need to force reboot it.

  1. If you can’t move the cursor – Press the power button on the Mac keyboard for a few seconds to force shut down your frozen Mac. Wait a moment, and then restart the Mac by pressing the power button again.  
  2. If you can move the cursor – Go to the Apple icon > Restart to make your unresponsive Mac reboot.  
  3. If you can’t use your mouse – Press the Control + Option + Command keyboard shortcut together with the power button to shut your Mac down. After that, click the power button to turn your Mac back on. 

Method 3 Unfreeze Your Mac by Unplugging the External Devices

Is the frozen Mac problem still unresolved? Perhaps the external devices attached to your Mac machine go corrupt or are incompatible with your Mac computer, which leads to a frozen Mac. Try to unplug any peripherals connected to your Mac to check if your Mac returns to normal.

Method 4 Unfreeze Your Mac by Booting It to Safe Mode 

Safe Mode is a helpful diagnostic and troubleshooting mode designed to help Mac users troubleshoot issues with their Mac machines when their Macs become frozen, keep restarting, won’t turn on, are stuck on the login screen, or are running slowly due to outdated caches, a rogue application, or a misbehaving service. In addition, Safe Mode can help to deal with the frozen Mac problem. 

To boot an Intel-based Mac into Safe Mode, turn off your Mac first, and then reboot it while pressing and holding the Shift key at once until you see the login window appear on the screen. Next, login to your Mac (Here, you may be requested to perform two logins. And you should see Safe Boot in the menu bar on both login windows.).  

To boot an Apple Silicon M1 Mac into Safe Mode, shut down your M1 Mac first, wait a few seconds, and then press and hold the power button until you see the startup disks and Options on the Mac screen. Finally, press and hold the Shift key and tap Continue in Safe Mode

If the issue doesn’t continue in Safe Mode, just leave this mode and start up your Mac normally to check if this issue gets resolved.       

Method 5 Unfreeze Your Mac by Freeing up More Memory 

The insufficient storage space can result in a frozen Mac because the Mac memory has been worn out, so cache files generated by running system and programs can’t be stored, making your Mac machine freeze and give you no response. In this instance, you need to free up more memory by uninstalling apps and installers that are unused, deleting cache files and useless downloads, emptying Mac Trash, and more. 

By the way there might be times when your apple watch faces issues just like your mac, in “Fix Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo” you can fix this problem easily.

Wrapping It Up

The aforementioned solutions can be of help to you. However, your Mac is possibly in an unresponsive state and even won’t turn on influenced by some more complicated factors. Given this, try to use data recovery software like iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac to help you retrieve lost data from your unbootable Mac. 

Although you can try some feasible methods to fix frozen Mac, you should take some precautions to prevent the same situation from happening again, such as regularly freeing up your Mac storage space, checking for updates to macOS and apps, disabling plug-ins coming with some apps, and so forth. 


Keeping business or personal data secure and safe should be of the utmost importance, with an increase in the risk of cyber-attacks and data theft, these are some importance of keeping your data secure as well as the importance of using the right browser to achieve just that. The Importance of protecting business data cannot be overemphasized, but then we shall highlight a few of them. Keep calm while we walk you down the aisle.

  1. The integrity and reputation of your business would be kept safe. With the rampant increase in data theft as of the year 2010 to date, clients and customers should be able to safely submit their data with your business or company with assurance that their information would not be exposed to theft.
  1. Keeping data safe and secure would also protect the business from financial loss, which can be a result of inner and outer erosion of company image and structure.
  1. Cybersecurity and data safety is a widely increasing and growing field, this should be fully explored to ensure an environment safe for businesses, company data protection as well as personal data protection. 
  1. Protecting business data also protects the reputation of your client. Anonymity and privacy are very important concepts in the internet world today, most clients wouldn’t even consider collaboration with your business if they think your database is not secure enough to protect their information.
  1. Prevention of loss of significant amounts of money: This is an increasing issue in the business world today, with a significant increase in hacking and cyber-scammers. Businesses and companies are being sued due to breaches in personal information of clients, avoidable mistakes and cover-ups have cost about $4.2b and counting in penalties and settlements


  1. Create a Data Stronghold: With an increase in the sneaky attacks of scammers and cyber thieves, a data stronghold or fortress would keep your devices and data secure. A data stronghold can come in the form of updated antivirus, anti-malware programs, and apps: systems, phones, and tablets should be kept up to date with antivirus programs and apps.
  1.  Mozilla Firefox Plugin is a high-speed, free and fast VPN extension that puts a barrier between your data and an external invader. This is very important as it keeps all data safe and secure. Mozilla is one of the best browsers and in addition to that, it can be used with a VPN extension, making it the fastest free proxy, safe and secure. With the Firefox VPN plugin, your data and privacy will be shielded with utmost security while you surf the web. VPN as a key player when it comes to data security: Firefox VPN plugin is the combination of the Mozilla app and a VPN extension, which provides both anonymity and privacy to the user, secures your data, and encrypts your connection to the web. It is safe for your business, company, and personal data protection.
  1. Firewall: the use of a firewall seems essential in preventing outside or external forces from breaching in. Moreover, it prevents all forms of unauthorized access from breaching into your network.
  1. Two-factor authentication and token generation: this is also another way to keep data and information secure. Token generation and U2F authentication enable a thorough authentication of client or customer details before access to data is allowed.
  1. Encrypted Data: this is another way to protect your data. With encrypted data that requires a password for a code to break through, your business data is more secure, and an external breach would be unable to infiltrate the data. This is helpful because even in the case of data theft, all the data becomes “jargon” without the code or password.
  1. Data Monitoring and Reporting: a round-the-clock program or group of personnel that is skilled in the art of data monitoring and observation can be put in place to constantly observe and make when needed, appropriate reporting. Some of these programs can even have a built-in ability to immediately monitor data activity and notify necessary personnel or even clients themselves to secure their data.
  1. Data Backups: A good example of data backup is Google Drive and iCloud. These extensions can store and backup important data in the case of loss, data breach, system failure, or disaster. This enables a company or client to immediately refer to his or her backed up files in the off-site protected servers and this makes it easy to regain them. In a case where the files are not backed up, these files that contain sensitive and confidential data will be completely lost.


Data security is indeed a key aspect when it comes to company or personal data, and it is our job to ensure that our data as well as company data is secure and safely protected against cyber thieves and attacks. VeePN is the best Firefox VPN plugin that can feed all of your data privacy and security needs.

Guidelines on Creating a Strong Password

Data hacking is a real threat and can cost you time and money. You must know how to protect your data before the bad guys do. The most effective way to secure your data is using strong passwords.

Creating a strong password is very important. It can protect your account from being hacked, but it also helps keep your information safe. The stronger the password, the safer you are. In this post, I’ll give you some tips on how to create strong passwords. You should also ensure that your network is secure by using a VPN when browsing.

What are the five rules for a strong password?

Get a password with not less than eight characters.

Your password should have a minimum of 8 characters. A name, date, or phrase is not recommended when using a dictionary word. Numbers-only passwords are also discouraged as they can be guessed by hackers easily and quickly.

Avoid personal information when creating passwords.

Your password should not contain any personal information like your name and birthdate. Moreover, it would be best if you don’t use words found in the dictionary because they are easily relatable. 

Try to make a password you can easily remember but hard to guess.

There are many ways to make your password memorable, but one of the easiest is to try using some form of phrase or sentence. This is especially helpful if you’re using numbers as part of your password e.g., “123456” or “I love cats!” would be another good choice for pet lovers because it’s simple and easily understood by most people who have never heard it before in their lives.

Use a combination of alphabetic, numeric, and special characters.

You must combine upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters to secure your password.

Don’t use your name or any other information that can be easily guessed. For example, don’t use the same password as someone else in your family or friends because they would have access to it too. 

Four other tips on how to avoid data hacking on your devices

Use a VPN.

If you want to protect your data from hackers, the best way is to use a VPN. A Chrome VPN plugin encrypts your internet traffic and makes it much harder for anyone at home or in the office to access. You can do this by using a dedicated service like veePN.

Moreover, a VPN protects data against potential hacking from other sources, including those who might gain access through shared devices like computers or smartphones. You should download a VPN Google Chrome extension on your device

Keep your passwords safe.

To secure your password, use a password manager. Password managers make it easy to create a strong password for every account you have so that if someone gains access to one device or website, they won’t be able to access any other accounts. They can also auto-fill in your username or email address with the details of the service you’re trying to log into—making it harder for hackers who may be watching social media feeds or tracking past conversations about specific websites

Don’t reuse passwords.

Don’t use one password for multiple accounts. If you have different accounts on your device, use a unique and complex password for each one. This will help protect against phishing attacks that attempt to steal personal information from your devices by using stolen credentials—and also gives you peace of mind knowing that the hacker won’t be able to access any other information if they get into one account but not another one!

Be careful with shady plugins and add-ons.

Use only trusted plugins and add-ons. This is easy to say, but if you’re not careful, it can be hard to tell what’s good from the bad. You should always research before installing any new software on your device; if there’s an official website where the developer posts updates about their software, head there first! You can download a VPN for the Chrome browser in the play store to be certain. With this Chrome extension, you can easily set up VPN for safe browsing purposes.

Use two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication is a way to provide additional security for your online accounts. It’s like two-step verification but involves something you have instead of something you know. For example, if you have a Google account and want to log in with your password, the second factor could be an SMS text message sent to your phone that contains a code.

Two-factor authentication works best when using apps on mobile devices because they can send notifications directly to people’s phones as soon as they try logging into their accounts. You might also see this feature in some banking apps and email clients; however, don’t expect every site or app to support two-factor authentication yet!


You now have some great tips on how to keep your data safe using a VPN. This is crucial, especially if you are entirely an online person or working from home. Ensure that your passwords are unique and easy to remember. Moreover, when browsing, a VPN Chrome extension is super important. Besides securing your data, your device will also be protected from malware. Good luck with everything!

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