Facing Problems in Merging? 7 Tools to Make Your Life 7x Easier

Are you worried about managing PDF files on the device? All you need is to merge the files and keep them together. This all can be done easily with the help of an online PDF combiner.

If we talk about the top PDF mergers, the search engine will show a long list of them. But the thing is to choose the one that is offering unique features and helping you complete the tasks quickly.

This article is all about the PDF mergers that can help the users to manage the bunch of PDF documents on their devices.

Top Online PDF Mergers

Give a try to the online PDF compilers that are discussed here. These tools will offer you a lot of advantages and help you compile the files in a few seconds.


In the list of top PDF mergers, this is one of the best tools that can help you compile PDF documents quickly without disturbing the order. One can merge PDF online here and get a lot of advantages. This tool allows the users to bind multiple files and boost work productivity.

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Also, the users can combine PDF documents here by changing the sequence and keeping them in a particular order that is required at that time. Users can get the response from here quickly.

No matter, if the files are present online, i.e. available on Dropbox or Google Drive, or else they are present on the device; users can easily upload them with a single click. Also, they can insert the link of the documents if they are present on the search engine.

One amazing benefit that keeps this tool before others is that users can merge all the files for free. There is no need to pay for the tool or get a paid subscription before using it.


The PDF merger by I love PDF is an amazing addition to the list that can help you compile the PDF files from multiple platforms. The interface of the online PDF merger is quite simple and easy to understand for the users.

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One can upload the files from Drop box, Google Drive, and the device folder as well. So, users can get an advantage to import the documents here.

Also, the working of online PDF merger is very fast so users can get the results quickly from here and organize the PDF documents.


If you are worried about managing heavy PDF files, this online tool can be the best option for you. This tool can help you import the documents that are of more size and merge them all quickly without any delay.

The best element that users can get in this online tool is that they can also upload files other than PDF format. This tool allows the users to place the files in Word, PPT, Excel, and ODT format. The files will be again converted to PDF format once they get merged.

Users can keep the documents safe in this online PDF merger. The tool doesn’t save the data in its database. So, this element makes it a more trustworthy and reliable option for the users.


To merge the files rapidly without learning the features of a tool, this option can be quite handy. Users can quickly upload the files here and get the combined version of the document in a few seconds.

Moreover, users can upload multiple PDF files in this tool at one time and bind them with a single click. It will provide you with the results without any delay. The best element of using this PDF merger is that users can access it on any platform regardless of the device. 


This is one of the most preferred online PDF mergers because of the security concerns and simple interface. Because of these factors, users love to go for this online tool.

No matter whether the files are present online or available on the device, you can access them here by selecting the particular icon. You can also go for the drag and drop option for uploading the files here.

One more amazing thing about this PDF combiner is that users can merge the files here without any cost. All the features are totally free. Users can get the advantage from here even without subscribing to the tool. 


SEO tools center offers you an amazing tool where one can merge the PDF files in a required sequence. With the help of this PDF merger, users can combine a bunch of files and change their orders.

Users can also browse the files from multiple platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Also, if the files are present on the device, you can simply import them into this online tool.

This PDF merger provides the results to its users quickly and makes their workflow fast. One can get all the advantages here for 100% free. There are no hidden charges for using this online PDF merger.


Last but not the least, online 2 PDF is an amazing merging tool where users can compile a huge amount of PDF documents in a few seconds and manage the folder in a better way.

The special factor of this combining tool is that users can browse up to 20 files at once and merge them quickly. Not only this but if the files are heavy, there is no need to worry about that. This tool allows uploading the file having a size of up to 100 MBs.

Users can import the files in multiple formats like Doc, Docx, XLS, and PDF. All of the documents are converted to PDF format once they get merged.

Bottom Lines

The easiest way to merge the PDF files is with the help of an online PDF merger. This can help you compile multiple files at once and save time. Users can get a long list of online PDF combiners on the search engine that can be helpful in this regard. But we have talked about the best among the bests that can actually benefit the users.

All the PDF mergers discussed in this article are quite secure to use and can help you organize the documents quickly. Therefore, you need to try all these tools at once and merge the files here.

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