Top 10 Best tea kettles to buy in 2022 (Full comparison)

Preparing tea is usually time-consuming, especially if you have a small, low-capacity kettle or teapot. However, if you do not have a large one for tea in your kitchen, you will have to refill the kettle constantly, especially if you have a bunch of guests. In general, a tea kettle often has a whistle (whistling kettle) that tells you when it is boiling. This is because they do not turn off automatically, so be careful when using one.

However, worry about it is less electricity and the best stove kettle will last a lifetime. While not all of them can be used in induction cookers, we offer the best teapots for every budget and type of cooker to make your decision as easy as possible.

The kettle is actually a device for boiling water. It can be said that the kettle and teapot is a practical device that is both responsible for brewing and preparing tea or coffee. In a way, if you are looking for the beauty of your kitchen environment, do not neglect to buy a set of tea kettles.

Top 10 Best tea kettles to buy







  • Stagg EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle

  • Cuisinart Aura Silver Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea KettleBest overall

  • Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Pour-Over Electric Tea Kettle

  • Medelco Cafe Brew Collection Stovetop Whistling Tea KettleBest price

In addition to using tea kettles to make tea, tea kettles can be used to boil water, make coffee, tea, and baby food in an instant. A kettle makes everyday family life a little easier. This is one of the most important items in the kitchen for many. That is why many versions have been developed over the years, despite the fact that they always work the same.

Unfortunately, there are more substandard tea kettles with bisphenol-A on the market. This chemical, found in aluminum and cast iron tea kettles, is a major cause of heart disease, fertility problems and male impotence.

Of course, you want to avoid products like this. Due to this fact, we bring you the best tea kettles on the market. To select these kettles, we considered criteria such as type, material used, size, weight and other advanced features such as whistle feature for whistling kettle.

You can find more about the best stovetop teakettles below:


This stainless whistling tea kettle has a timeless design and heaps of style. Choose the stainless steel option, or if you have a cast-iron collection to match with, there is also Volcanic, Cerise, Marseilles Blue, or Satin Black available.

In addition, a stainless steel rim is designed to prevent chipping. The handle sits overhead the kettle itself but is heat resistant and designed to last. It is also paired with an ergonomic lid and handy whistle to let you know when the kettle is done boiling. The kettle needs to be hand-cleaned, and because of the enameled exterior, it can mark and smudge quite easily.


  • Whistle included
  • Enameled color options
  • Heatproof handle

suitable for all hob types


  • Not the largest capacity


The classic OXO Brew tea whistling kettles looks shiny with a stainless steel cover. It has an internal whistle that opens and closes with one touch for easy pouring. It only comes in stainless steel, but the classic OXO Brew teapot has an attractive retro look that we really enjoy. Its capacity is very medium for tea kettles and it is suitable for use in all types of stoves.

Triggering the opening to pour or refill is a genius. It takes a little more skill than a regular stove kettle, but that means you can easily stop it by pushing the trigger and blowing the whistle. We love a kettle whistle as much as the next person, but it’s nice to have the option to pick up our whistle every once in a while – whether for afternoon tea while the kids are asleep, or when your partner is at Now contact zoom. . It is good that we can remove it in this model.


  • Trigger for easy pouring
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Large capacity
  • 25 year guarantee


  • Built-in whistle (may not like this)


If your number one priority is style, look at the Fellow Clyde Stovetop Tea Kettle. This machine is perfectly paired with many of the best coffee makers and has an impressive design that stands out from the crowd. The Fellow Clyde matte black tea kettle has a silicone handle that prevents your hands from burning when you pour the kettle.

The stove kettle works on induction and electric stoves. You can enjoy the two-tone harmonic whistle that is installed right in the kettle. The Fellow Clyde teapot tries to keep out the annoying screams that come with some whistling teapots. Its mouth is very wide and short. Sounds great, but can create an unconventional shed.


  • Induction compatible
  • Great handle for pouring


  • Two-tone whistle


The Premier Housewares Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle is the most affordable option in our collection and its large capacity is excellent for generous tea sets. Whirlpool kettles made of Premier Stainless Steel are available in a wide range of colors, from plain black to vibrant lemons. The 2.6-liter cover is great for cooking as well as drinking tea.

The reasonable price is an undeniable range, and the Premier Housewares stainless steel whistle kettle is available for less than $50. It is also impressive – and we love the rubber sleeves that cover the handle. Prevents the kettle from slipping in your hand. The cover is not as stylish as some of our luxury tops and must be cleaned by hand.


  • Affordable
  • Countless color options
  • Large capacity


  • Nothing reported


The Alessi Tea Rex Hob Kettle is our preferred choice for the best stove kettle you can buy, and for good reason. This eye-catching kettle, designed by Michael Graves for Alessi and made of 10/18 stainless steel, has a beautiful whistle. For a fun ending, it is said to be a lucky spell and was created to mark the 30th anniversary of Alessi’s original design.

We love its symbolic appearance and the fact that it is not very tall when boiled. Also compatible with all stoves. Since it has a capacity of only 2.1 liters, it is probably not the best option for when you are waiting for a lot of tea, because otherwise you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen.


  • Compatible with all hobs including induction
  • Designer style
  • Instant wow factor


  • The capacity is not enough


All-coated steel tea kettle is one of the best stove kettles for quality design. It is made entirely of stainless steel, which means that the handle is not covered with any heat-resistant coating, but it also means that the design is really made for durability. With a whistle for easy pouring, the all-veneer stainless steel tea kettle has a sturdy handle. It is attached with solid rivets that look like branded cookware. If you have pans, the stove kettle is suitable.

The design is simple but beautiful. It is suitable for all types of stoves and has a wide base that makes your water heat up quickly and evenly. The price tag is above average, and since there is no anti-heat element, you may need to wear gloves when turning the switch and removing it.


  • Can be used on all hobs including induction
  • Classy and quality design
  • Large capacity


  • A bit pricey
  • Metal handle

7.   Stagg EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle

Fellow Stag EKG is a tea kettle made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. The kettle has a goose neck nozzle that allows you to control how water is poured from it. As an electric kettle, it has a heating base for fast heating. The kettle is available in four colors – matte black, matte white, chrome and a warm pink option with a Marple wooden handle.

The latter has a different price and is a bit more expensive. Marple wood material and the design of the kettle hand, which puts it away from the body, ensures that your hand is not exposed to the hot stainless steel body. There is an internal stopwatch for extraction timing. In addition, you can select the temperature you want and you can view the reading in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.


  • quick heating element
  • built-in brew stopwatch
  • several colors available


  • Heating base could be designed better

8.   Cuisinart Aura Silver Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea Kettle

Cuisinart is a well-known brand in the field of home appliances and kitchen appliances. The Aura silver tea kettle has many points about its design, function and price. This tea kettle is a medium size model with a capacity of two liters. This stove is designed using stainless steel directly on the parts where the water boils and the plastic where your hands usually go.

The plastic part on the handle is ergonomically designed so that your hands can hold them firmly. In addition, thanks to the O design, the door can be removed and turned with a finger. The kettle has a whistling function and notifies you in the morning when the water reaches boiling point.


  • ergonomic handle
  • boiling whistle


  • Expensive
  • the wall is not layered

9.   Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Pour-Over Electric Tea Kettle

This electric kettle has a capacity of 1.2 liters. It has a heating element in the base that can be detached and makes the kettle portable for individual use. There is something about gooseneck kettles. Apart from the beautiful appearance, they have on the kitchen table or dining table; they give the user the ability to control the flow rate for more accurate pouring. They also make tea and coffee easy to brew.

This makes it one of the best kettles for coffee and tea. The kettle itself is made of high quality stainless steel. Meanwhile, the base, which houses the electric kettle-heating element, is made of plastic for safety reasons. The handles and handles are also made of plastic for heat resistance and safe carrying.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Boil-dry protection
  • Cord wrap
  • On/off light


  • Could be more light weighted
  • Too heavy
  • Single-wall

10.   Medelco Cafe Brew Collection Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle

At first glance, go to the Cafe Go Collection tea kettle, you will conclude that it is just a jug of water and nothing more. However, the kettle can be placed on the stove. Works with almost all types of heat sources. You can use it to boil water or make coffee on an electric, glass or gas stove. It is mainly made of borosilicate glass, which is made in Duran, Germany, but assembled in the United States. This is a small kettle that can serve up to six cups. The kettle can be used as a jug of water. The lid and handle are made of plastic for safe movement.


  • Safe dishwasher top rack


  • Cleaning the inside by hand is not easy

What are the different types of tea kettles?

There are many types of tea kettles and Beyond them tea kettles come in many different materials and styles. From stainless steel to cast iron, colorful enamels, glass, copper, whistling and more. However, it is easy to find a tea kettle with the features and in the size that fits your needs.


If you are one of those people who enjoy spilled coffee, gooseneck kettle, which is available in two styles of stove and electric, can be an important tool in your kitchen arsenal. The long, narrow mouth, named after a gooseneck like this, gives you more control over water spills and brews a well-balanced drink. Although these kettles are ideal for pouring coffee, they also work well for other beverages.

Whistling tea kettle

The built-in whistle starts working when the water has boiled, and can be opened and closed safely with a simple pull lever on the handle. Bakelite handle is heat resistant when pouring in a cool touch. There is a large lid on top of the kettle for easy cleaning. For best results, wash this model with warm water and soap.

Glass tea kettle

A glass tea kettle is a type of kettle made of glass. There are several types of glass tea kettles that you can buy, including:

Electric glass tea kettle

An electric glass kettle is a quick and effective way to boil water for your tea. They come in a variety of styles, including those made of glass/stainless steel. Electric glass kettles heat water in just a few minutes, which is ideal if you are making a lot of tea or in a hurry.

Glass tea kettle on the stove

A glass kettle on the stove is a great addition to your kitchen. Easy to use, you can quickly enjoy hot water for your tea without worrying about the power outlet. Glass stove kettles look great with any kitchen style.

Glass tea kettle with brew

This model allows you to boil your own water while brewing tea, this is a great way to experience your favorite drinks. Glass kettles are a stylish and effective alternative to other types of kettles, a great way to enjoy your tea. If you have never tried a kettle before, a glass kettle could be just what you need to change your tea drinking habits. This model is best tea kettle for gas stove made of this kind of material.

Electric tea kettle

You are connected to the power supply, which is designed with a heating element in the base that heats the water faster than many types of traditional stove kettles. Some models have a “keep warm” feature that allows them to keep the water warmer for a second cup. Other electric tea kettles turn off automatically when water reaches its boiling point.

In addition, some kettles have multiple temperature settings and offer more control over the water temperature. Electric tea kettles are a modern and fast way to heat water for your hot drinks. You do not need a stove to use an electric kettle, just an electrical outlet, which makes this brewing style somewhat portable and a good option for preparing hot drinks in a home cafe or even in the office.

Best tea kettle for gas stove

The best tea kettle for gas stove are those made of stainless steel. This sleek-looking metal is popular because of being heat-resistant, and durable. It is also known to be rust proof. Steel can be very hot to the touch, however, so models with insulated touchpoints (like silicone handles) will help offset the health risks.

 In conclusion

As people who live in the modern world, our lives got a bit complicated and lack of a proper equipment can make it more complicated. One of the key things that can make you enjoy your life and boost your energy is coffee or tea. Serving them without good tea kettles is a pain. So, choose the best tea kettle (like whistling kettles) to make your life way joyful.

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